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Massive Eating and Mag10 switch to recovery and maybe 4 AD EC

I will be ending my 2 week cycle of Massive Eating and going off Mag 10. I plan on taking MD6, T2, Tribex, M, and Methoxy7, plus I may try doubling the Methoxy dose. Some have said during the 2 week recovery you should go on 4AD-EC, which I am thinking of doing. But that goes against the need to supposedly cycle off andro products for 2 weeks, so I am not sure what to do. I am about 195, 6’1" at 10% bodyfat now after being on Massive eating for 9 days, with 5 more days to go. So, how about some advice. Should I double the Methoxy 7, and should I use 4 AD EC, or should I cycle off all andro and just stick to Tribex, MD6, T2, M, and Methoxy 7. Also, I have been taking MD6 and T2 while I was on Massive eating as I need the boost in energy to keep this workload up, but does that mess with the calorie consumption calculation if I am taking those stimulants for my metabolism, and therefore should I have gone off them during the Massive eating or should I have added some extra calories to balance out taking those. Thanks for any and all of your help and answers and comments and suggestions.

Just trying to keep this message alive so I hopefully get some help. Thanks.

I wouldn’t use the 4-AD-EC right off of the cycle: while there might be some low dose that doesn’t interfere with recovery, that isn’t established. So I would do as you were saying.

On whether the stimulants would have messed up your Massive Eating calculations, I think you just have to go by your results. If you think you actually lost fat then certainly your calories weren’t enough. If you gained 0.5 lb per week as your best estimate (hard to tell at higher bodyfat levels, but possible to guess pretty accurately when at lower bodyfat levels) then I think that was about right. If you gained a pound of fat per week or more, I’d say your calories were higher than preferable.

Even if you’re in a rush to lose fat, I’d
prefer letting the first “off” week be at maintenance calories, rather than immediately instituting any sort of hard dieting. This definitely appears to work better for LBM retention.