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Massive eating AND glycerine

Have just undertaken the massive eating plan by John Berarrdi, and was wondering what to do about glycerine. My schedule is such that I consume protein bars sometimes on breaks from work. Most of them list only about 3 net impact carbs, but have 35 or 40 grams of non-impact carbs. Would these be ok for a protein/fat meal?

That would entirely depend on whether they increase insulin. And as long as you counted calories. I guess the main question is where are glycerine calories stored?

Glycerine does not need insulin to metabolize and neither do sugar alcohols, therefore keeping you and your Protein+Fat meal in a insulin resistance state, which is fine for massive eating. But Machine did ask a good question: “where are they being stored?”

I find a better source of quick protein is to mix some protein powder with water and put it in a jug of some sort. That way you can quickly consume it and you know you are getting good quality protein. Add in some kind of oil and you get a good, quick p+f meal.

so, it would be okay to count a protein bar that has only 3 net impact carbs as a p+f meal?