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Massive Eating, and Breakfast

John Berardi is a smart man I tell ya, but these not eating fat with carbs is tough as hell… I’m not having TOO hard of a time with it… except on one occasion… My dad makes these AMAZING breakfast every morning… It’s not as bad a pancakes, it’s more like… Bread, with an egg in it… and then some ham…

so basically it’s 40 grams of carbs… 12 grams of protein (from the eggs)… 8 grams of fat from the meat, and 3.52 grams of fat from the meat… plus 9 grams of fat from the eggs… so thats like 12.52 grams of fat… now most of that is saturated of course… other then that my day i landmine free… i don’t want to hurt his feelings by not eating it… can you please help me out…

P.S. I’m 19

You should probably be eating more than 12 grams of protein for your first meal. YOur body has already gone overnight without any protein. Berardi has said to keep fat at 10 grams or lower with carb meals but sometimes I go a little over.

Don’t sweat it. Add some protein to the meal and enjoy it when it comes around! Your not going to have your dad cook you breakfast much longer, so enjoy the time!

It’s breakfast, the first meal of the day and the one I consider the most important. I always thought that you should be eating a nice, big breakfast - and at your age (19) I really wouldn’t be too worried.

Gosh, this makes me think of the waffles I sometimes make during football season for Sunday mornings. They're waffles, but with ground beef (or pork) that has been "spiced up"; also, chopped potatoes and apple bits - can you say, "YUMMY"?!! I'm working on modifying the recipe to fit different needs. But, as it is now, the waffles and football on a Sunday morning makes me happy.

Just add a scoop or two of protein to that meal to bump up the protein. Don’t be anal about 12 or so fat grams. It’s not going to matter that much.

In addition to what everyone said above, remember that breakfast is the meal where you can get away with things more than any other. After the overnight fast, your body is essentially primed for sucking up whatever you give it, be it oatmeal, eggs, filet mignon, dog food, whatever…