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Massive Eating And An Empty Stomach?

For anyone who follows the massive eating protocol, or just eats every 2 hours, and also takes supplements that suggest being taken on an empty stomach, how do you do it? For instance, I am currently taking Tribex-500, M, and ZMA. Following Tim Patterson’s “Behind The Scenes” article, M is supposed to be taken between 6 and 9 AM on an empty stomach, Tribex-500 between 6 and 9 PM on an empty stomach, and ZMA is supposed to be taken 30-60 minutes before bed on an empty stomach. If I am eating every 2 hours from 7AM to 9PM, when the heck am I supposed to find time for an empty stomach?!?

Tribex and M do not need to be taken on an empty stomach; it’s been covered here on the forum many times before. Taking them with food will actually help with absorption and reduce the chances of “white smoke burps.”

As for ZMA, take it 30-45 minutes before the meal that you have right before bed.

Actually, the current suggestions for Tribex-500 and M are to take on an empty stomach for quicker absortion. 30 mins before a meal is fine. But, if you choose to take it with food that is fine also.

The “current recommendation” may in fact to be to take Tribex and M on an empty stomach, but it’s pretty well established that taking things with food increases is more efficient. Bill Roberts has posted on this subject numerous times.

Maybe it’s sacrilege, but have 2 1/2 - 3 hours go for your last meal and take the supps 30 - 45 mins before you eat. Peace, Tmofa

When taking the tribex and M, just wait 1.5 hours after eating and wait a half hour before your next meal. ZMA should be taken on an empty stomach, but you can take it right before you hit the sack instead of waiting an hour. In both cases, an empty stomach may increase absorption, but it is more important that you’re taking your supplements on a consistent basis. That will be the greatest determinant of their efficacy.

No offense, but I’ll listen to Bill Roberts’ recommendations over the label any time. Call me a nostalgic forum veteran…

ACTUALLY, Bill Roberts has stated that Tribex is better absorbed with food, as well as the herbal portion of M (Vitex).