Massive Eating After T-Dawg??

I know this topic has been covered, but I can’t seem to find a satisfactory answer to this.
I know most say you shoud taper off of a low carb diet, but eating complex carbs and using the meal combining guidelines of massive eating, is it still necessary? I am just completing Meltdown Training and want to start a mass building phase next week, probably anti-bb hypertrophy.

Necessary, no. Helpfull yes.

Even JB states that the whole meal combining thing is not a year round set in stone guide too live by. But yes it can allow you to put on quality mass with less fat gain.

I personally live by it, but dont get real anal about it. I mean there is a difference between sonm oats and flax meal or fish oil and an order of greay french fries.

I maen if my veggies and such go over 10g of carbs along side my steak I dont sweat it.

I would just suggest going by the habits laid out in the 7 Habits article and you will be set.

Hope this helps and that your mass building goes as well as planned,

Don’t be an IDIOT! Learn from Proteinpowdas mistake and QUICKYL go read JB’s massive eating reloaded 1 and 2. SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY up your calories aka 250-300kcal/week, or 50kcal/day.
So for example, lets say you’e 210…and you’re currently down to 2300 calories on T-Dawg…Massive Eating might call for 4k calories. Instead of going straight to 4000 go to your CURRENT metabolic rate. EG. Raise your calories in this example up to around 3k or so…and spend 3-4 weeks getting you metabolism up to the 4k mark. Remember…The calculator is not neccessarily a measure of your metabolism but rather where it should be.

I have used this combo before(Massive and anti-bb) and it worked great(read: gain 7-8lbm and lose 2%fat)! I am a big fan of the massive eating ideas, and have used them extensively, but am pretty new to the low carb thing. I weigh about 183, 21%bf at start and have been eating 2200-2300 cals with the T-dawg 100g or so carbs on workout days. I have lost no weight, but definitely re-arranged some fat and muscle(mirror doesn’t lie), does this mean my metabolism is pretty high at the moment?
Maybe for the first week I should eat about 250cal less than maintenance with the massive calc, then go up to maintenance the 2nd week, then go on up more the third?


I would use the guidlines of massive eating such as the foods and tyiming but ignore the calculations. We are simply to individual for an equation IMO.

You say you have been cutting of sorts on 2200-2300 a day. I would simply make your first bump a 500 k/cal a day increase. Monitor your weight and if after two weeks your are gaining around 1-2 lbs a week saty there. If not gaining raise an addition 250 nper day. If gaining to fast above 2 then lower it a bit.

Keep evaluating and giving each change a two week period of adjustment before changing again. I find this is aboput the easiet way to sklowly gain quality LBM and keep fat gain to a minimum.

It will also allow your metabolism to adjust to the new influx of food stuffs. LOL

Hope that helps,

Antivenom, I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, so I hope what I have to say below helps.

Though, you havn’t lost “weight”, you HAVE lost fat and gained muscle. That, and not pure weight loss should be your goal. I would say, keep doing what you’re doing until you don’t seem to be making any more progress bodyfat percentage wise, and then evaluate whether you wish to cut more, or go into a maintenance or bulking phase.

Well, isn’t the ideal thing to do a cut phase followed by a bulking phase, and just do back and forth? I was planning to start a bulk phase this week, stay on it for about a month or so, take a week break and then start the velocity diet/training program to shed off any fat left. I was not training for about 6-8 months before I started the Meltdown training. My bodyfat percentage is alot higher than I want it and I know a bulking phase isn’t going to really drop bodyfat like a cutting phase would, but I don’t want to get stagnated with cutting constantly. Everything doesnt have to be perfect and everyone is different, so I think I’ll try what I outlined in my previous post and just see what happens, if I gain fat, I’ll lower the cals.