Massive Eating 1 and 2 Calculations

I just read massive eating 1 and 2. Still not sure about when to eat my calculated 3800 cals-training days, off days or both? I doesn’t seem right to eat that much on my ‘off’ days.

Please help!

Try this calculator.

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
Try this calculator.[/quote]

There is a little problem with that calculator, if your eating a high protien or low carb diet, the numbers wont calculate.

Yeah, i found that out. Thanks anyway. I already calculated that I need around 3800 to 3900 cal. Now, I work out every other day (sun, tue, thu), should I be eating this much on my off days too(mon, wed, fri)? What I have been doing is eating 6 650cal meals each day. Does this sound right?