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Massive Dick Move by Sh*tty local Journalists



see that news report? see that image of the body? thats my best friend's aunt, all splattered and dead for the world to see. why did they publish this picture? 'because its in the public interest' apparently. they wont explain how they got to that conclusion and they wont pull the picture. the article will also be in the printed edition of the paper, which means all her relatives will get it through their door.


I fucking despise hack journalists. Submit a complaint to the PCC, which will do precisely fuck all, but do it anyway. Write to your MP. Do whatever you can to make life uncomfortable for the scumbags that published this.


Caveman that sucks, prayer's for him and his family.


That is entirely fucked up.

May she RIP.


I'm not clicking the link but I find that pretty fucked up.
I do not think that would happen this side of the pond.


Our press are a disgrace. The tabloids routinely fabricate stories, slander, and misrepresent facts (particularly when it comes to science reporting). They know there will be little to no repercussions, and they always make weasel apologies when they are disciplined. I hope the regulation of the print media is overhauled soon.


So... your media is different than anyone else's how? :confused:

Hope things get better for ya OP.


Wow,im really sorry about your friends aunt. Prayers for his family. Hoepfully other news outlet doesnt follow suit and publish snuff pics.


There should be a law about at least contacting the family before anything like this is done.


What's your point?


His point was that all media is shit.


^^ I'm not sure if there's a name for it....but some people think that if you say your mom got hit by a bus they'll tell you their mom got hit by a train.
I don't know if it helps or what point it makes...but people will do it.


Strongly Agree.

It's fucking disgusting, and the family should be contacted before anything like this goes to press.

Journalists and Pap's grind me like very few people, they're low-life pieces of shit - mostly.