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Massive Complex

Since i havent got a response in regards to this product,i decided to take it for one month.

My background has been in bodybuilding since the late 1980s,along with B.J.J.,and MX. I was an AFFA certtified personal trainer and Worked in gyms through my college years. I have used real AAS in the 1990s and have been natural since 1999.

I wanted to try a prohormone since late 30s,early 40s T levels drop,so my gym has a bottle of green capsules called MASSIVE COMPLEX.

Well ive decided to train for a masters show and since a serious back injury years ago i havent trained or been in a gym in years but i still exercised here and there.

Ive been taking MASSIVE COMPLEX and im half way through the bottle and ive 110% gained some lean mass and not much water weight. I started at 218 and im 226lbs two weeks later.
Because i have decades of experience i pushed the training to where i could lift with perfect form light weight for two sets and then two sets very heavy and low reps. Im eating low glycemics and 2grams protein per lb bodyweight,i do eat high glycemics before leg or back days,but now that im getting old,the ony way i can get abs is with a low glycemic,clean eating schedule.

Anyhow i was reading how MASSIVE COMPLEX isnt really a PH and is considered a designer steroid!!! I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with MASSIVE COMPLEX,because i feel much stronger on it and i would compare it to maybe taking 100mg of DECA back in the day. I really do feel it has worked well for me but im concerned about the toxicity and how a gym can sell it if it truly is like DMT?

Any info would be appreciated,thanks in advance.
I wanna post pics but my IPAD wont let me upload,any of you techie kids can teach an old man how toupload pics with ipad?

what’s in it?

i don’t know shit about PH’s because they’re stupid but i believe PH’s ARE designer steroids.

Not so good buddy, as I understand it prohormones convert into active hormones, whereas steroids are already hormones.

A lot of drugs sold as prohormones are in fact just designer steroids, apparently. I tend to stay away from them but I fucking LOVED a brief m-sten stint not so long ago.

so what exactly is a designer steroid

it’s just a steroid that’s so new the gubment haven’t had a chance to make it illegal yet.

oh i thought that’s what prohormones were basically, just slightly altered to be considered legal. sorry for my ignorance lol

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
oh i thought that’s what prohormones were basically, just slightly altered to be considered legal. sorry for my ignorance lol[/quote]

yeah the definitions get a bit blurred. You never really know what’s a prohormone and what’s a steroid.

Superdrol is the prime example of that.