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Massive Bee Deaths Across US




Thanks for sharing. I didn't realize any of that.


Awesome find. Watched a documentary recently about the massive disappearance of bees, and how much they affect. Forget what it's called, but it was really interesting.


I think this is the reason.


I thought this was going to be about people getting killed by massive bees.


You and me both. I pictured some guy running down the street with bees all over him screaming " Get these effin bees off of me ahhhhhhhh" kinda dissapointing.


it's quite alarming how many people don't know about what monsanto and other biotech companies are doing. Few people realize that without a healthy bee population our food options are literally reduced by about 60%


Any one hear about a famine coming over 1/3 of the earth. This might be the reason.


The researchers are not seeing the forest for the trees as they say. The pesticides are a problem but the true root cause is stress. Wild bees are doing fine. Bee colonies kept by small hobbyists are doing fine. CCD is occurring with bees kept by massive bee keeping operations. Literally thousands of colonies maybe tens of thousands are shipped on trailers to crops coming into bloom. The bees do their thing until the flowers are done then they are packed back onto the trailers and shipped to the next crop.

Stress makes it harder for them to deal with the pesticides. The pesticides make them weaker and more vulnerable to whatever pathogen or parasite might come along and kill the whole colony.

I took one look at a trailer loaded up with hives and I KNEW that was the problem. These researchers get caught up thinking it must be some germ or some parasite or some pesticide when it's really the way the bees are handled.


I was hoping so... and that the bees were specifically targeting Monsanto executives.


Pretty intertesting and logical take on it.





What did I just read in here? Colony collapse caused by the stress of checking the hives, and giving them some sugar water to supplement their food supply? Colony collapse only happens when you have hundreds of hives, and smaller beekeepers don't get it at all?

The guy who is baffled by the stupid things in this thread


The link I posted explains a lot. Watching the documentary will answer most questions.


Not really.

Their problem is to a large degree what would be the same with any animal that is held close top lots of other animals, in that case hives.

If you have one hive infected with parasites, at the end of a truck ride they all have it.

Simple, boring, run of the mill infectious diseases.

Open Yale online courses.



go long almonds and kill all the bees...best of all worlds


I agree it's plausible close proximity could be a bigger factor than stress.


Monsanto is the fucking devil when it comes to the environment, GMOs, or human health in general. After Obama signed the "Monsanto Protection Act" into law earlier this year, which prohibits federal courts from halting the sale of genetically modified or engineered seeds (essentially letting Monsanto do whatever the fuck it wants to in the US), the EPA increased the acceptable level of pesticides permitted on food crops (which directly translates to more glysophate being used on Round-Up ready GMO crops). Sweet potatoes, for example, will now be allowed to have 15 times the previous limit of glysophate, while carrots will be allowed to have 25 times the previous limit. Obviously, there are many more, but these are the two I can recite from memory.

There is a reason most European countries blatantly ban the use of GMO crops, and the European Union has such an extensive application process for using GMO crops that Monsanto repealed it's application to sell GMO crops to Europe last month. Europe clearly wants nothing to do with that shit-hole of a company, and it seems to be completely avoiding the enormous environmental problems that the US is currently faced with (the death of billions of bees serving as a primary example) resulting from the abundant use of incredibly toxic pesticides used to douse Round-Up Ready GMO crops, in addition to preventing the adverse effects to human health that result from consuming those crops.