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Massive (Bad) Weight Gain. HELP!


I used to be Big Tony, but after doing a one year house arrest stretch, I've become FAT Tony.

I'm 36 and I weigh 402 pounds. I was usually 300ish, but it wasn't all fat. Now? Heh, it's all goo.

During my 364 days of house arrest, I gained 120 pounds of lard. Now that I'm trying to go to the gym again, oy. Not good. Definately not good. My best bench was 290, and now I can barly do 140.

In a perfect universe I could go on drugs, but that universe does not exist (not for me any way).

I HATE supliments. They never worked. I'm on speed now (Phentermine 37.5, perscribed by Dr.) and that helps with cardio a lil bit, but I need help. It's like any muscle I had never existed. I had some, I wasn't the biggest guy in the gym, but I was in no way the smallest/weakest.


Why was I on house arrest? Know the tags that are on your pillow? The ones that say, DO NOT REMOVE. Well, I removed them.








You certainly don't look to be on house arrest there at Burger King. what's the excuse for that one? On your cheat meal perhaps? At least you didn't go with that horrible food of a pizza...shit'll kill ya!


Dude, seriously, no one can help anyone who cannot help themselves. If you want to do it you will, if you don't do it, it's because you didn't want to.

Are you too far gone? Only if you believe it. Do you need help? Nope. Do you need to get moving? Nope, you could just die, you don't have to get moving.

Face reality with no excuses and do what you must. That is all anyone can do.



Why....are you an speed.... if at your bodyweight.... you could lose at least 50-60 lbs ..... just by eating right?


If you eat like that, combined with 30 min of cardio each day + 3 full body workouts a week there is no way you will not lose weight.






He means the losefatgainmuscleinstantchickmagnet-pill!

I think Tony Little sells it.


This is a joke.

  1. eat less

  2. exercise more


I concur


I just wrapped up house arrest, I am no longer under home confinement.

What was the excuse for going there? None. I was itchin for a Rodeo Cheeseburger. Man, those things are so friggin good I can almost masturbate with one, except for those sharp onionrings.

Help myself? WTF? I was on house arrest, there was NOTHING to do except eat.

Why is this a joke? I commited a felony, went on house arrest, ate the walls, gained weight. Why is it a joke?

I've never needed advice at the gym. I was always naturally big and could just move weight. Now, I realized for the first time in my life that I'm weak(er).

Just a little bit more then a year a go I could put a 45 pound plate on each end of an olympic bar and crank out 8 curls for 4 sets (8, 7, 6, failure). Now, the olympic bar by it self provides the same workout.

I'm glad you find my misery amusing and a joke :slight_smile:


It's not that easy as "Eat less, exersize more"

I used to love lifting and I used to like cardio. I'd get a boner sometimes from chest/tri workout to failure. Now? It's just not fucking there any more. Cardio? Walking up the stairs to the cardio equipment is almost more then I can handle.

At this weight, at this age it seems impossible for me to get back where I used to be.


No shit, it isn't for anyone, that is why only a few do it.

Awe, poor little guy. No boners for you.

Then don't go to the cardio room! Go for a fucking walk. You'd think you would want to after being in house arrest.

Then it probably is.



Let's focus dude. Diet, work out, cardio, REPEAT.


weighing 300 and benching 290 is not "moving weight." Read around, you'll find all kinds of helpful shit here.


Swim until you return to a normal body weight. Then return to lifting. Swiming will build strength and help you loose weight very quickley. Working out in water will build great aerobic capacity. This approach, I believe, will lesson the the chance of injury. Good luck.


Well Tony, I'm no physicist but I think it was Isacc Newton who said an ass at rest tends to stay at rest and an ass in motion tends to stay in motion. You have to overcome the inertia baby and get your ass in motion. The first month back is nothing but the discipline to get your big ass to the gym and work out.

After the first month it starts to become a habit and something you can look forward to rather then force yourself through. Gut it out for 30 days and I bet your whole perspective will change. Good luck.


Nope, you wont be able to lose the weight Tony. You're just big boned and you need to accept that. Dont be a silly billy and risk hurting yourself with hard work. You are beautiful just as you are.

Now go and have your nap and I'll fix you some cheesy poofs.