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Seems legit!

Lulz my only response is Youth in Asia…the kiss at the end really sealed his fate.

great form on those curls!

Synthol is a wonderful substance. Makes you look very aesthetic.

what was that? 85x6 on incline dumbell? lulz

that’s sad man…

OK, I think is the straw that broke the camel’s back and I have to add synthol threads to the the list with Shakeweight threads and Planet Fitness threads.

Oh, let’s not forget “Pants Don’t Fit” threads.

And the usually forgotten German arm-wrestler with one really big forearm thread. That one’s only come up about 3 times and it’s been over a year.

This documentary will make millions.

I can only hope that if I eat enough and train hard enough my arms can look that fucking retarded someday.

I wanna know how he gets those monster arms inside those tiny sleeves without them ripping apart! LOL! Does the synthol move up/down his arm as he’s taking the shirt on/off??

More winners

Same guy but with the douche factor cranked up 10x

why do these guys even go to the gym? seriously…

Plz post more of these synthol dudes hahahahahah

These guys are all very impressive.

Their mental fortitude for ridiculous choices and ability to live in complete denial, that is.

[quote]The_Great_Dane wrote:

Seems legit![/quote]

And he barks one last time after realizing it was the last rep he was able to maneuver those up.

Denial, disfigurement, he has it all.

It looks like they have various assortments of balls in their arms.

Reads like a lot of jealousy in this thread.
Jealous of his massive pump!!

I truly feel sorry for these people…

I can understand wanting to improve yourself. After all why are we here?

Hard work to obtain your goal is so much more satisfying!

At least then you can show off HONESTLY! Improve what God gave us naturally.