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Massage Sticks


I'm looking into getting one of the massage sticks, but there aren't any stores that carry them in my area. Looking at performbetter.com they have a few to choose from other than the original "stick" so if you've got one or tried any of them which one did you like best?


I had the travel size one, which was maybe a foot long. Worked well until my ex GF threw it away when we broke up


That sucks man.


As a Physical Therapy Student I have used the stick countless times on many patients, and also on myself. The original stick (blue handles I believe) is fine, I don't really know what the length was. If you have a foam roller, 2 tennis balls taped together and "The Stick", you're basically set for most soft tissue work you'll really need.


Massage sticks?


haha jokes on you, asshat!

that last ones not a stick!


hmmmmmmmmmm, I wounder which one dabeard uses on himself...?

oh I Kid, I kid


I told you, I only use blue ones. Those are all clearly purple, come on man you gotta keep up, lmao.


Some of those are just frightening -lol.



Those look great for really digging into your Piriformis. Wait..what?


i use the stick daily on my legs. i love it. it's pretty easy to roll every part of the legs, and you can really crank on the thing without fear of it breaking. well well worth the money in my opinion. i use a tennis ball too for the glutes. i will probably get a foam roller in the near future as well.


I want to buy one of these really bad:


For my hamstrings, psoas and calves. (mainly)