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Massage Caused Knee Pain?


i had a massage done on my upper and lower back and hips by an RMT. as i was walking out the door my knee felt like it was locking up and started to hurt. 5 days later and it still isn't right...

can this be caused by the massage? if yes, any thought what/how? and what to do?

the pain is:
-right knee
-behind the knee on the outer side (whatever that tendon is)
-goes down to the calf
-when i kneel down and sit on my heels the front of the knee hurts above the knee cap to the outer side
-also when kneeling it feels like pressure is building, i need to straighten the leg
-when walking it will be fine then suddenly start to feel like it wants to lockup and there is a sharp intense pain that slowly reduces. while the pain is there it feels like everything is tight.

it could be completely unrelated, but i do not recall doing anything to my leg and it started right after the massage...so suspicious to me.

any thoughts?


We would have no way of knowing. Best thing to do is keep an eye on it and rest it for a bit. If after two weeks, it's still giving you problems, there might be an issue.

Most likely the massage therapist opened areas that were tight and you're walking dynamics is a little different. This might have caused some discomfort.


Update: RMT says that the glute was relaxed and if the ham was tight it causes knee pain, it is not usual but does happen, she also said she should have checked to see if my ham was tight when doing my glutes. So I guess this was preventable if they had been done together.