Massage/Active Release Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good massage/active release person in the DC metro area? I live on Capitol Hill and work near Chinatown so near there would be great.

Specifically, I have issues with shoulder impingement and some lateral knee pain. I’ve been following a lot of the fixes that Kelly Starrett recommends in his “Becoming a Supple Leopard” book and have noted some improvements, however, would also like to get help through a skilled practitioner.

Any recommendations are appreciated. I’ve done some research and found a few somewhat promising folks, but thought I’d check here too.


Hey Soco,
I met this guy at the (only) ART seminar that I did. He was getting recertified and definitely knew the stuff backwards and forwards. I’ve never made it up to DC to see him, though you should.

Georgetown Sports Massage
Mr. Terrel Hale, CMT
Upper Extremity Lower Extremity Spine Nerve Entrapment Biomechanics Active Palpation Masters Ironman® Provider

 4321 Wisconsin Ave NW

(Entrance on Windom)
Washington, DC 20009
Approximately 1 mile
Email ? Web Site