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Massachusetts TRT Doc

Anyone out there from mass?

I’m looking for a trt doc and I’m sure there’s others out there also

If anyone has had any success in mass, please share it with us

Men’s Health Boston


They’re more savvy about TRT and more willing to prescribe testosterone than your average doctor. The jury’s still out on whether it will work for me, but so far so good.

There is a sticky for finding a TRT doc.

I was looking for success stories and recommendations from people within the state. It offers people looking, or having trouble, a first hand experience and helps sort through the weeds.

Theredneck, have you visited mens health? If so, any luck with HCG?

I first went there a few months back, after another doctor blew me off when my t level was in the 200s. They started me out with Clomid, which raised it to 700 but had no effect on symptoms at all. Just switched to HCG, so it’s too early to know how that will work.

My initial impression of the place is positive, but only time will tell. They have a specialty in TRT, so they are well versed in the details of the different treatments.

Your problem can be more than a T issue. We often see low-T tunnel vision here. Read the advice for new guys sticky. Finding a TRT doc may not fix things.

I am also using Men’s Health Boston. Although their credentials are impressive with ties to Harvard Medical School, they are very anti-AI and virtually tune out the rising Estradiol issue unless it is really high. I am doing HCG monotherapy and can virtually guarantee that rising Estradiol has negated the positive effects of any gains in T. I was already at 45 E2 before switching to HCG and brought that up and they told me not to worry.

I sent a letter to their office and attached a reputable study from the Journal of the American Medical Association showing the optimal level of 21.8 - 30.11 pg/ml as well as anecdotal evidence from people who report great symptomatic benefit once optimal levels are achieved. I also brought up vit D supplementation and they told me to take that up with my primary care doc. This tells me that there is a lack of a holistic view to hormone balancing. I am going to resolve this in a couple of weeks at my next appt. or consider more of an anti-aging specialist.

i have an apt with them at the end of june. it seems that this is the general consensus in this area. its like beating a dead horse. this is nothing but frustrating.

im taking a saliva test tomorrow with a local doc and hope to have the results and a consultation set up within the next week or so.

what anti-aging clinics are you looking into?

Any Updates ?

dDo they let you self inject ?