Massachusetts Lifters

I used to train there years ago but, I moved around, Beverly and Manchester Mass, then La Jolla, CA then back to Salisbury. Since I have my own gym I do all my workouts there. There is a vid of John Cena floating aound this site that was filmed at Hard Nocks.

Is your wife moving to England?

We are not sure yet, that was the plan… but we are toying with me going back there… its in the air at the moment.

Oh really? i never heard of John Cena till i moved there - seeing as he is from the area.

I watched a film of his, he is some kinda fbi agent or spy or something, rescuing some damsel in distress… bombs, gasoline, guns, biceps… the usual!

Baaad actor i think tho (Sorry John, not THAT bad)


Well good luck with the move.

John is a local boy who trains at Hard Nocks. I can’t believe you catually got through that movie. I have not even gotten through the commercial.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
you own a hardcore gym in the north shore?

i wish you told me sooner cause i just left Mike’s Gym and signed a 3 year deal at Ballys for 25 a month.

youre probaly too far out anyway, but where is it at, im in Malden on the Everett line.[/quote]

Im in Boston but if you ever want to get together and lift at Total Performance Sports in Everett just let me know and I’ll take the T up and meet you. It’s a fantastic gym if you haven’t been, it truly caters to people who want to get strong.

[quote]Joe Joseph wrote:
LOL@whats a rowley?!!! haha!

I never seen a prowler before… handy for pt i bet…

I was in Boston (Mission Hill/Roxbury Crossing) for a couple months then Newburyport…[/quote]

Small world. I train my Oly’s in Roxbury Crossing.