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Massachusetts Head Count

Just wondering how many people are T-Nation members from the Mass area. Also, what gym everyone goes to.

I live about a half hour above Boston.

wow, me and Nate. That’s it?

Boston Ma
Actually Roslindale and I was referred here by a faithful reader at my gym so that’s four

Methuen, Ma

Dedham and I train in my garage.

I lift in my attic, like a fucking creep. I try not to leave the house except to work and buy more food. I live in Allston, surrounded by fucking college students.

I live in Marlborough and work and train in Billerica. I’m at a Gold’s Gym unfortunately. No Power Rack! Not One!! They should paint the place pink and rename it “Cardio Chicks”. I’d prefer to set up my own gym but I like to work out in the mid-morning so I guess I’ll just deal. Anyone know of any hardcore facilities north of the Boston area???

Waltham, MA

I train at both the Natick and the Milford Golds’s Gyms with Strongman

Stoughton, but Im at springfield college. I train in my basement with a power rack, bench, pullup bar, dbs up to 85s, dip station, barbell with 390 lbs of free wts. cost about 2 grand for everything including the plywood/rubber floor. area is about 20 by 12. only downfall is the ceiling doesnt permit overhead lifts so i gotta do all my snatchin’ in the bedroom. there is a hardcore gym in brockton called center city. words in dedham aint bad. golds in stoughton sucks but its open 24 hrs. canton club is nice but too expensive. hot chicks there though. stay big gentlemen- after all, we represent MASS!

I’m in CT, although I spend a fair amount of time up in MA and will likely be moving back this summer. John Sullivan and Brad Cardoza both train Strongman in Andover.

used to live in north andover. schooling in michigan. worked out at the methuen golds. or was it powerhouse? it was right on the salem(nh) and methuen border.

Kingston NH, but I work in MA

Halifax Ma. I train and work out of Gold’s in East Bridgewater. Very powerlifter friendly. I train Westside style with strongman equipment at home on Saturdays. Art McDermott in Andover (North?) had a Dave Tate seminar I attended and does strongman on Saturdays as well.

Portsmouth, NH here, but so damn close to either ME or MA that i call myself “seacoast”. In college last semester in Rochester, NY. Hamptom, Portsmouth, Rochester Nh area have place called Vision Fitness. Place is awesome. No idiots walking around curling in squat rack. No mothers. No teenage fuckheads. Weights go up to 150 lbs. Very nice place. I heart it.