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Mass Tabs with Arimatest Stack?


i am curious if i can take mass tabs with the arimatest stack of hexoghen, enoxide, and arimatest? ive stacked arimatest with mass caps before and it worked out well for me, i just dont know about adding mass tabs with everything else.

im also needing some tips on how to get big without the gut. i do my fair share of cardio and crunches is there anything else i could be doing or is there a secret out there about the foods to eat to gain a lot of lean muscle and very little fat? any suggestions would be appreciated.


Irony at its finest.


It smells in here...


ya ya ya, irony. if you cant help dont say anything.




I heard from my girlfriend that Women's Healh just released the 'secret' to trim down that feminine waistline....


alright man i get it. i was only wanting to know what i was needing to do. ive read hundreds of ways online but im sure all the guys that posted those articles were on gh so im sure whatever they did worked. im in iraq right now and id rather not juice like a big dog here. i guess i will do what i do. in the army we have something called weight and tape that we have to pass. obviously being 190 at 68 inches i am over weight so i have to pass tape. thank you for nothing. you can go back to looking at yourself in the mirror now.


OK, people are being assholes because your questions are frustratingly misguided. First of all, you posted in the steroids forum asking about a bunch of GNC supplements that are in no way steroids (I know the PX only has a GNC and whoever works there told you the stuff you were buying is 'hardcore' but its not).

Then you ask a broad nutrition question that indicates you don't have any knowledge about nutrition, which is fine, thats what this site is for. I recommend you read most of the articles on this site by Dr. John Berardi. You can author search at the top of this page to find them.

It will take you awhile to get through it but if you want to get more muscular and stay lean it is essential reading. This website is an oasis of knowledge in a sea of shit. Learn whats here and apply it and you will be ahead of 99% of everyone when it comes to nutrition and training. Disregard what you've learned from the army, they don't know anything about nutrition or training, and neither do your peers.

Once you start applying the things you'll learn here you will understand. Good luck. BTW, I'm in the Army and when people take my advice (all based on this website) they make ht/wt and radically improve their APFT and get more muscular.


I appreciate you roid_boy and Schmiddy for your sacrifices in our Armed Services. Schmiddy is right, novice question in an experienced to expert member forum. You can expect to get flamed, for we all have at one point or another in our journey for the perfect physique. But in our defense, I for one, as well as countless other here, hear this "He has a good build, but he must be on roids" garbage way too often.

Nobody seems to mention the 4 lbs of meat eaten per day, the 6 hours or cardio per week, or the stomach churning workouts...it MUST be performance enhancing drugs. It's a cop-out, something said to make the non-sacrificing wanna-bees feel better about their lack-of-physique. PEDs have their place, but not until the nutrition and training have been perfected is an individual ready to make this venture.

With a good diet accompanied with an intense training regiment with a little cardio, you will obtain your weight goals, especially lowering your bodyfat. 10% bodyfat can be obtained relatively easy with a good nutrition and cardio plan while keeping you muscle NATURALLY. As for PH, don't go there...probably will not like what you find in the end game.

My advice to you is to find every scrap of credible information on nutrition and training you can find. When you think you have heard it all...read some more. Knowledge is power.

Goodluck and Stay Safe.


cool i appreciate it guys, i will read my ass off and bust my ass. on the whole steroid forum thing i could of swore i clicked on the forum that said supplements.


You probably did. The mods could have moved your question over to this forum.