Mass Supps For Women?

Hello, I am new here, and really enjoy this place. I have been doing searches, but have been coming up with some conflicting results. My question is, what supplements would you reccomed to help a women gain mass? I read a lot about women that are afraid to bulk up, and lift heavy, but thats what I am trying to do! I am not trying to tone, but GAIN muscle mass. I was considering testosterone boosters, but dont know if that would even help me out.

A little about myself, I am 34 yrs old, small framed, I would consider myself a hardgainer, have been lifting steady for a year, after a long break due to an accident, but before that several years, have had a hysterectomy (still have ovaries), and I supplement with creatine, glutemine, whey, dhea 50 mg, and now just looking to see what may help push things along. Sorry for the long post, but I am ready to buy some more supps, but soo confused!

thanks in advance for your help!

Supplmentation looks good, up da’ cals !

At 34 i would get some gh secretagogue’s and still do your cardio. Contrary to what most people think a faster metabolism(coupled with extra cals) will help you build muscle and keep lean(er)

Skip the gh secretagogues and try Methoxy-7. The women I have worked with have responded very well to it.

Carbolin 19 is also worthy of your attention.

Thanks, can I take the Carbolin 19 and the Methoxy-7 at the same time? If so, what amounts?

You say nothing about current height or BF% or current caloric intake. The first thing to consider, truly, is increasing nthe amount of protein you are taking in. How many grams of protein per day do you consume? If you don’t know, then you can’t be sure that you are taking the first best step for LBM gain.

[quote]grinchydizz wrote:
Thanks, can I take the Carbolin 19 and the Methoxy-7 at the same time? If so, what amounts? [/quote]

You can take them together.

I’d start with 4 capsules Methoxy-7 and 2 capsules Carbolin 19 per day.