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I'm a 20 yo student I've been training for about a year and a half and i'm lookin for some advice. Basically in two weeks i'm moving down to dublin away from home for a years work placement, i'll be away from most of my friends and family the whole time and want to come back bigger and leaner than i am now so much so that when everyone see's me again they think i have been doin my placement in a gym and not a business!

Currently i'm 210lbs i've never had my bodyfat percentage taken properly but after looking up and trying a few different electronic ones i place my BF% around 15-16.

I've just finshed Waterbury's total body training and i have put on a little mass and a good bit of strength which i'm happy with.

Not really sure of how many lifts to give so i'll just give all the compound moves that i do. I only started squatting and deadlift with this program and i have tendonitis in my knees so thats the reason they arn't impressive but i'm tryin hard to get them up!
My lifts are currently as follows:

Deadlift: 285lbs
Squat: 275lbs
Reg Bench: 253lbs
Decline Bench 275lbs
Pulldown: 242lbs
Lyin Row: 220lbs

As you can see i think i have a bit of an imbalance in my pecs i seem to have a larger stonger lower pec but i'm trying to work on this by doin more reg bench than decline.

My Diet for a regular day is currently as follows:

Whole cup of oats
2 large spoonfuls of milled flax, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds & goji berries
protein shake (1&1/2 scoops of Phd Pharma Whey)

large brown roll with chicken and salad

PWO: 2 and a half scoops of Surge Recovery
about an hour later round 3-4:00
200g's brown pasta with a tin of tuna

6-7:00 Dinner (normally what my mum cooks)
Normally consists of the usual meat(chicken or beef) with veg and spuds normally have a massive helping.

Couple of big scoops of peanut butter maybe some brown toast big glass of milk.

12 onwards (Bedtime)
1&1/2 scoops of phd pharma whey with milk sometimes a little more peanut butter.

I'm really lookin for advice on how to get more mass and get stronger i plan to keep bulking for the next 10 months then for the final 2 before i come home cutting i may think of doing the V-Diet if funds will allow stuff costs a lot more to get over here. i'm unsure of which program/s would be best for the bulking period and which will help me get bigger and stronger the quickest.

does anyone know of any tips or good programs that i would benefit from in my current position.

Sorry about the essay above just wanted to include as much information as possible so you can see where i'm at and areas that may need improvement etc! Also i don't want to be considered a Troll!!

Any Advice would be great!


If you're bulking I'd always say they're more room for more food. Try increasing overall protein, too.

Squat more and everything else will come. Seriously. When you can squat and deadlift 500lbs you will look like it.

Westside for Skinny Bastards is a series of programs that I've had a luck with in getting stronger and bigger.

Hell, some of the biggest, strongest guys I know use similar programs.


Ya know, I am a little surprised by your numbers on the lifts. I would expect a much higher deadlift number and squat number given your amount of upper body strength. You seem to be reasonably strong on the upper body lifts. But only deadlifting around 30 pounds more than your bench and squatting 20 pounds more, seems wrong to me. Now, don't get me wrong, you are stronger than I am on all but the DL, so I am not criticizing.

Have you really given your all on increasing your upper body strength, or have you focused much more on the beach muscles? I would think a 5x5 or Westside program would be perfect for you, but you gotta focus on the lifts you hate, which appear to be squatting and deads.


Cheers for the reply's guys! Yea i've tried to put as much intensity as i can into my workouts even in the squats and deads i don't no why they are lagging behind so much i have bad knees and pretty inflexable hamstrings i have been trying to strecth as much as i can i suppose it'll just take time and hard work to increase my deads and squat numbers.

Apart from eating more does my diet seem ok like am i eating the right stuff?

When you say doin a 5x5 do you mean just doing what i'm doing now but for every workout i just do all my excercises 5x5? i also had a look at WS4SB and it seems like a pretty solid program so over the next 10 i might try them both for WS4SB is there a recommended amount of weeks to do the program?



you can do a program like WS4SB indefinitely.


The best program you can choose is the one you are going to stay with and keep you going to the gym but honestly as long as your progress on weight and/or reps you are going to get bigger and stronger. THe perfect program is overrated. Whatever you choose just lift heavy and more every time.

You should be able to lift more on decline bench than flat bench, its normal. That is not a weakpoint as you think.

Only you know if your diet is good at accomplishing what you want (e.g. fat loss, more muscle, strength). The only problem i can see is that you might not be getting enough protein based on 3-4pm meal of a tin of tuna. I dont know about your other meals but you should be trying to get 50 grams of protein for every meal. Here is an invaluable article about what is 50 grams of protein to give you an idea: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/high_performance_nutrition_made_easy


It's not just you; everyone's decline Bench Press is stronger than their flat. It has to do with a decreased range-of-motion, better biomechanical leverage, and the fact that you can recruit more belly and lat into it.

On eating: Vegetables- get some. Two servings a day should be good to start with. Also, if you're not gaining on what you're eating, eat more. Theoretically, you can optimize your muscle:fat gain ration by carb cycling. For more information see Christian Thibadau's article 'carb cycling codex'. Also note that such complexity is not required to make gains, even good gains, and may not be for you. I can't advocate it, as I've not tried it.

On training- keep track of what you lift, and make sure you're lifting more on a regular basis. I recommend Rippetoes starting strength, because it's a solid program I've made solid gains on. It'll definitely up your squat and deadlift, that's for sure. SS is just like the Stronglifts 5x5 referenced above, just with slightly less volume.

So basically... what the other guys have said x2.