Mass/Strength/Power routine

If my priorities were in this order
Would this be a good routine to help me develop those areas.
incline bench- 6x3
pullup- 6x3
dips- 3-4x7
seated row- 3-4x7

power clean- 5-6x3
back squat- 6x3
good morning- 3-4x7
leg curl- 3-4x7

speed bench- 6x3
speed row- 6x3
flat db press- 3-4x7
chin ups- 3-4x7

box squat- 8x2, 45%1RM
deadlift- 6x3
leg press- 3-4x7
1 leg hyperextension- 3-4x7

I would do this split for 3 or 4 weeks, then change the exercises around and use the same rep scheme, then after that i might move to 5x5 and 3x10 along with the speed work. What does everybody think, cause when i start my mass phase i’m one of those guys that have to have everything dialed in to make gains. So would give me 12 to 16 weeks of workouts, my goal would be to gain about 7 to 10 lbs along with some strength and keep speed and power. ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ALLLLL PLEASE??

just do CW’s anti-body building program. you get bigger, you get stronger and you are more powerful when it’s all said and done.

I really like C.W. ideas on training.

but as far as hypertrophy, I don’t think they are optimals.

I really think if your main goal is mass, you should work shoulders and arms directly, especialy the posterior delt.
and calves…

but maybe I’m just close-minded.

I used to work arms directly and i never saw a fucking gain one day of my life. I followed my lord and savior CW’s advice and ever since my arms have grown much bigger then they have ever been. I’ll never waste my time by working my arms directly again.

What happened to the routine in the Lair “My Superbeast”?

Did you do it?
How did that go?

Have you checked out Insider Contrast?

I started it, but because of time restraints i had to quit, i have no time to workout with my current schedule, all i get in now is alot of body weight stuff. But atleast its something. But i will probably same that program for when i get in a rut, it would definately be a huge rut buster.

Can you gain size doing sets of three reps? I suppose you can as many powerlifters have. However, it has been shown that through the ages most men gain the most size when they work in the 6 to 12 rep range.

You did state that size is not your only goal so give your system a try. I have noticed through the years that the lastest Guru’s routine is not set in stone. Sometimes they work as is. Sometimes you have to tweak them to suit your own needs.

This biggest mistake that any of us can make is to take any Coaches advice, or routine as gospel.

Good luck with your training!

zeb you do gain size. When doing 3 or 4 sets of 3 reps you wont gain size but, when you do 10 you will. It’s not as much of a strength exercise as it is a hypertrophy. however, you do get stronger.


I stated in my post that many power lifters have gained size doing sets of 3 reps. Did you read it?

However, time has shown us that that is not the very best way to gain size, regardless of what the latest guru’s spin is!

my bad, my eyes are shot in my young age.