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Mass Programs

Could someone please give me a link or tell what a good program is for a somewhat beginner my main goal is strength but would like to gain some mass too. Lately I have been pretty much obsessed with the deadlift and the chinup because I want a 3x bodyweight dead and a one arm chin I have just been training those without much structure and think that I need more structure and should build myself up a bit before I specialize so much. Because those are not my only goals and I keep getting diverted trying to do everything at once and know that is stupid but I don’t know witch programs will work for me and witch won’t. Thank you

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

Bill Starr’s Intermediate 5x5

Chad Waterbury’s ABBH

…I think these 3 approaches are the best you can take as a beginning/intermediate lifter (and Rippetoe and Starr’s approaches are pretty similar.) Check them out, figure out which one moves you, and then get at it.

p.s. I realize the first two approaches to training can be stretched out for a long period of time, whereas Chad wrote ABBH as a 3 to 6 week program, but I think you can take the ABBH template and make very slight modifications to lifts or progression scheme and run that program for a long time as well.

Good luck.