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Mass Monster 101


Anyone remember Jean Pierre Fux?

One of the craziest packages on/off the stage. He is ENORMOUS during the off season, check out this vid.

Too bad he was never able to get his gut under control. and that his career was ruined trying to squat 700 lbs for a photo shoot.

He's also a tall guy at 6'1, so I gotta love him :wink:

here's him on stage, insane back. Just insane...


Just looked up the accident, it looked horrific.


"I crashed down so quickly the spotters didn't have time to react. Afterward, they felt bad about it, but it was so quick, nobody could have caught the weight"


BTW here are the accident pictures-


This why I use safety pins, Fuck that looks gruesome


He's Swiss. Represent.

Im pretty sure he owned the gym I used to train at.



That dude is a monster


His back was just beastly. I remember when he popped on the scene, and everyone was saying that Dorian better watch out, but the rest of his physique just never came together as well. That squatting incident was just awful. I remember Flex Magazine running a blow by blow series of pics. I guess because it happened during one of their photo shoots, they felt a little responsible (his career is basically over, let's give him some publicity-lol).



Well... Who the hell expects a guy in near-contest shape to be able to do his near-max off-season weights in a calorie/nutrient-deficient state etc?

Wasn't Chris Lund the guy "responsible" ?

Anyway... Shame about Fux' injury. His website is still active, I think...


I remember seeing that back then... and now wishing I didn't just see it again.
Nothing like seeing someone's epic injury to inspire me for today's workout.


I guess the pins could have prevented the loaded bar landing on top of him, but not the initial injuries.

Here is a similar incident with a powerlifter (this was posted here several times before, I know):

Anyway, a shame that Fux's career had to end that way...


Way I thought this thread was going to be about YOU!


that back

is sickness defined, I love it

definitely a motivation to hit the an even more suicidal rage today thanks for posting that


youtube comments make me want to sterilize the population.


Fux is a great last name. Maybe I'm pronouncing it wrong?


One day I was in the Matt Kroc dumbbell row vid (175x33), and after like 3 months I PM'd the guy who was criticizing his form and he was still like "if he wants to be a showoffy douche then so be it", fucking retarded.



He was big but I don't remember him winning too many pro shows. He was basically where Markus Rhul is in terms of acceptance.


Amen Professor!


He's awesome man..