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Mass Made Simple


I have recently finished the six week program by Dan John and my BP has really progressed. THis has always been a weak lift for me. I am up 12 pounds and BP is up 30. I am transitioning to a GPP program (stronger phase one) by Dave Tate but don't want to loose max strength gains. Need recommendations.


I'm not familiar with the Stronger program, but I can tell you that in order to keep progressing in strength, you have to lift progressively heavier weight. If you are concerned with strength, don't bother with any program that doesn't have you lifting heavy (and by heavy, I mean 5 reps or less).


I'm not going to comment one way or another on this claim because I'm still too weak to meaningfully contribute, but I do hope that others with more experience than I might chime in on this claim, either for or against.


It is my understanding that a switch in the training program is needed to allow for supercompenstation. I know that I need recovery when knees and elbows get sore from sub-max lifts.


It's actually pretty damn simple logic. If you want to lift heavier weight, then you need to lift heavier weight. If you want bigger muscles, then lift as much total volume as you can in the least amount of time (which works out to sets of 8-12). If you want to be good at endurance sports, then do endurance training.

This stuff isn't rocket science. I know the fitness industry has been blasting bullshit at all of us for decades, but throw all that out the window. For the most part, simple logic prevails when it comes to lifting, especially as a beginner.


Not exactly. A super-compensation routine is one that drastically increases training volume up to a short period of over-training, followed by a period of drastically lowered volume. Super-compensation happens during the low part of the cycle, in response to the high part.

Better recovery techniques, better warm-ups and cool-downs, and smart programming can help dramatically with joint pain. List your entire routine, in detail, including stretching, warm-up, and cool-down. Maybe we can figure out a few things to tweak and get rid of some of that pain.


For. This is elementary lifting theory. You don't need to be strong to understand it.


My program is the 5-3-1 program from Jim Wendler. I did add power cleans and weighted pull ups to the mix though. I began each session with:
foam roll thoracic and legs
stretching quads, adductors, hip rotators, lats, pecs and hip flexors
reverse lunge with overhead reach
elbow to instep (mobility exercise)
hip cross overs
inverted hamstring
jump rope, box jumps, med ball chest pass depending on day
warm up sets ~40, 50 60% projected weight for that days projected lift
ex. DL
then accessory movements for lower back, hamstring and quad .
I think that elbow pain came from "traction" during DL. When I was able to train over 405 for sets of 3-5. Any suggestions?


5-3-1 is an excellent program that has been good to a lot of lifters. Good choice.

That's a pretty long warm-up, but if it works for you, I'm no one to argue.

Not sure what your question is at this point. If you think the elbow pain came from DL's then just take it easy with them for a while until the pain goes away. Where exactly is the pain? Front of the elbow? back? is it dull or sharp? Which movements make it hurt?


If its pain on extension of the elbow, it's really common to have your radius a little out of place which will cause this. I have it off and on. Thankfully my wife is 1/2 way through her medical studies and can fix me up. :smiley:


It is mainly on the lateral side of the elbow and is painful to squeeze when elbow is extended. Tricep extensions feel good as do wrist extensions but I seem to have stalled in further pain relief.
@jayPierce: I guess my question is what now? I really need to further the strength training and could use more size throughout. I have noticed that the heavier I get (up 15 pounds in bodyweight) my max effort lifts greatly improved as well. The 5-3-1 did little to add size (for me) but I did not expect it to. dan John's program increased my strength and size in six weeks of max effort-like training on BP and complexs


Hi, after 3 months of lower back pain which i could not train I want to come back.
I want to start with easy streght 40 days program (Dead lift, front squot, bench press, chin up a swings). Then i would like to buy the book original mass made simple, after 6 week of this program a i want to do mass made simple from tnation (incloud 5/3/1 main lifts).
How long do this program? Is it long term program or just a few weeks?
I think I replace front/back squot for goblet squot form each program because of my lower back issues. Thank you for comment


yeah you can do it long term


And what about compexes amd squating? Stil weight on and on?


Just add a bit of weight here and there, dont have to push for PRs every week they are more about getting in a lot of overall volume/fatigue on the system