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Mass Made Simple with Power Cleans


I liked the look of this plan https://www.t-nation.com/training/mass-made-simple with the 5/3/1 lifts and high rep back squats. And I really like doing power cleans so quite keen to stick some in before the 5/3/1 part of each workout. Possibly in these formats:

Set 1: Power Clean x 2 reps
Set 2: Deadlift x 5 reps
Set 3: Power Clean x 2 reps +2.5kg from first set
Set 4: Deadlift x 5 reps +2.5kg from first set
Set 5: Power Clean x 2 reps +5 kg from first set
Set 6: Deadlift x 5 reps +5 kg from first set
Set 7: Deadlift x 20 reps

1 Power Clean at 90% max
2 Front Squats once the bar is in the catch position
Rack the bar and increase the load to 85% max
2 Front Squats
Rest for 30 seconds
2 Front Squats
x 4-5 sets

Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on this please?

Giant waste of energy that will reduce output on the deadlifts. Instead, as the first exercise of the heavy lifting, do cleans for 3-5x1-3, working up to a weight close to what you’d start deadlifting (if possible). That will serve dual purpose to work the cleans and warm-up the deadlift, basically mechanical advantage work. Also… deadlift x 20 reps? No.

I don’t even know what that set/rep scheme would accomplish. Sort of cluster reps but not really. Power cleaning each front squat from the floor or from the hang would be a much simpler solution.

The other obvious option is to stick to the plan as the article described and just hit power cleans on the “bonus day” followed by little else. Go in, hit the exercise hard, leave.

In any case, neither approach you wrote holds anywhere close to the idea of the Mass Made Simple plan or 5/3/1. You can give it a shot your way if you really want to or do it the way the wise old coaches planned it.

Also, if you’re doing cleans as part of the heavy lifting, I’d avoid them in the complexes, otherwise you’re doing cleans twice per workout twice a week and turning the plan into some kind of funky power clean specialization routine.

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Thanks, the websites I got those two workouts from said they were for power and explosiveness. But I think they’re probably aimed at massive American footballers rather than small, skinny weightlifting enthusiasts. They just looked fun to me. Doing them on the bonus day or doing power cleans as you suggest as a build up to the opening weight of my first strength lift makes more sense. Thanks for the reply.