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Mass Made Simple feat. 5/3/1

Hi guys,

reading and hearing a lot of ‘Mass Made Simple’ these days.
Don’t bought the e-book untill now.

But I know, u will use 5/3/1 for some of the main lifts.

Has anyone done the full 6 week program? Anyone recommends doing it between the other 5/3/1 templates?

The author is: Dan John

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Made me curious there Bebbi

There is actually an article about it on T-nation

And no, haven’t done it.
Want to? maybe :slight_smile:

two 5/3/1 lifts followed by a high rep squat.
Warmup with a complex.

Bebbi try it, give us some feedback, sound interesting

I just bought the ebook (9.90 USD) and I am currently reading it.

Right now I am curing from an operation (knee…). As soon as I am getting better I am going to do this bulking program to get back some serious muscles (starting in January, if everything works fine with the knee).

I will come back here and give you a feedback about my progressions.

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That’s great - looking forward to hear from your experience :slight_smile: