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Mass in legs and upper back: plenty of deadlift


I have noted that upper body is growing up, but I really need to add overall mass in the legs and in the upper back back as improve posture also (I already do plenty of rows and some upper back isolation in the upper day). I train legs every 4-5 days (upper/lower 3 times a week). I wonder if It's possible to handle this kind of planning for my purposes.

BB back squat 4x6
Snatch grip deadlift 3x5
DB Reverse Lunges 3x8
Hyper-extension 2x15
calves 5-6set

Sumo deadlift 4x5
BB Front squat or goblet squat 3x10/12
one-leg press 3x10
Romanian deadlift 3x10 (maybe curl-grip variation? I read of this in a CT article)
Calves 5-6set

I train 3 times a week and I alternate A1 A2 with Upper days WO(so I do barbell back squat every 9-10 days)..Is doing two deadlift variation the same day a good idea?
I guess there is no place for leg curl, is it really necessary?


Do DoggCrapp man. It's going to be easier than constantly crap shooting your routine, and it's 3 days a week.


That is some low volume you posted. Yeah it's heavy, now do more.

Try reading about CT's Layers stuff. I'm not saying go off and run that program (not that it would be a bad thing) but sit back, take it in and realize how much volume it puts you up against, compared to what you wrote down.

Also, see what John Meadows has to say about leg curls. Thanks to his wisdom I absolutely found a place for them: pre-squat.


Still asking some odd questions, eh?