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mass gains!!

I’m like 5’10, and only a buck 40 something. What are some great supplements, and ones that are very powerful that could help. Please help me out!

Good gosh man,someone’s gonna say the D-word.
No,no D-bol.More like DIET.Someone’s bound to tell u to read the article recently by Chris Shugart about that priority pyramind yada yada.

eat some food you little sissy girl who always is looking for your momma (no offense to female sissy girls always looking for their mommas)

yeah, there is this awesome new supplement out called food. it only adds size if you take it in large enough doses though…sissy little girl…EAT damn it! EAT!!!

Food is your supplement. Everything else will be a waste of your money until you eat like there’s no tomorrow…and continue to eat like there’s no tomorrow until you gain weight. Oh yeah, don’t forget to train hard while you’re eating all that food. You don’t want to turn into a big fatty.

Supplements? I recommend iron. Lots of it. Load it on ends of Olympic bars and bench, squat, and deadlift it! Oh yeah, try eating too. There is a diet here called the “Skinny Bastard Diet”. Use the search engine to find it. And stop being so damn lazy! This shit’s hard work…there isn’t some magic pill that will do the work for you!

That excellent article by Chris Shugart is called “Heirarchy of Needs”. Yes, read that and then go eat ALOT of food.

Learn how to eat. Read through the FAQ. Start a food log. Start eating more calories and make better food choices. Once you learn how to eat, then we can talk about supplements. Stick with heavy compound movements to build mass: squats, deads, presses, chins, rows, and all the various variations of the above exercises. Also, don’t neglect some serious ab work. Once again, see FAQ for details.

Little man, we didn’t buy our size from GNC. Hit the gym hard, then hit the kitchen and eat some damn food. Also, perhaps, you could read some of the articles in the 200+ issues of T-mag! Who knows? There may be some diet and training info there! LOL.

Ease up guys, and stop making assumptions. Grant it, he didn’t give us alot of information, but cut him some slack. What kind of diet are you going to be incorporating w/ your training? Obviously your main goal is mass gain. Just makin’ sure you are taking care of the nutritional aspect first. We’ll talk about supplements after you provide us with some more info.


There’s this one supplement…if you take enough of it you’ll be fucking huge. What’s it called again…oh yeah FOOD.

Food. It’s the greatest thing to happen to bodybuilding, well… since bodies!

He he he you guys are mean, but their right bro. The number one answer is…food, yeaaa woohoo! If it makes you feel better man I was there about 5 years ago.

I guess that you know to eat. The question is, do you have enough time to eat like you should. If not, then you need to look at supplements. When it comes to food, make sure you are eating the right ones. As far as supplements, keep it simple. I take a multi-vitamin, additional vit.C and E, glutamine, and protien powder. Eat and Lift.

Go to ironmind.com and get the book super squats. and ingest it and grow.

Confuscious say “Man who can’t gain size has trouble eating for size”
I’m 5’10 and couldn’t break 165lbs. Then I decided to drop all the running and incorporated a 5x5 routine of the basic lifts and I ate chicken and rice like it was going out of style. Now after my 6 year “bulking” phase I are 245 @ 28% (tanita scale). Now I’m doing the same thing but not eating as much but still pushing the iron to see what all that muscle looks like under this shag carpet of fat…Eat clean and eat big!! Supplements will come later.

Who is being mean? Telling the boy to eat is mean? What kind of pussies do we have on this board? Why the hell should we recommend supplements if the problem has to do with him not eating enough? I don’t care how much protein powder, vitamins, minerals and herbs you take, you’re not going to gain any weight if you don’t eat enough food and hit the weights. Here’s your reality check. Cha-Ching!

Food… not only can you find a little at G.N.C., but grocery stores have some of it… as a matter of fact, join sam’s wholesale. you can buy food by the ton, and that’s what you’ll need to do …