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Mass gains/loss

I was wondering about mass loss and gains.

Lets say you workout for one year straight (no not every minute of the year, you know what i mean) and suplement with…Creatine and BCAA’s. It’s kind of hard to phrase but, basically what im asking is… will the results you get from these two in a years period go away once you stop using them and continue working out?

Also if you stop working out period for a month will you lose lots of mass?

Creatine & BCAAs increase your work capacity, allowing you to do more total work in the gym.

This can lead to a greater stimulus, and provided you let the traing effect work properly (ie, eat right, recover), you’ll gain more.

And no, you’re not going to deflate like a balloon and loose 20lbs if you go off creatine.

Although you could take the BCAA’s for a year straight without cycling it probably wouldn’t be a good thing to do with creatine. Creatine works better when cycled on/off periodically as the body seems to become accustomed to it. The gains you get from BCAA won’t fade at all but everytime you stop taking creatine you will lose the muscular water weight gain associated with it However, creatine does allow you to lift heavier and longer and this eventually will lead to more muscle…you won’t lose this provided you don’t stop training and eating correctly.