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I need some help on my training and Diet(what’s the better strategy for 4-5 months?),I want to add MASS(not fat).
What should i eat?What are the better articles?

Holy Fuck you have to be joking!

Why don’t you actually read the damn magazine? Perhaps, the FAQs? Ohh…I know, use the search engine?


I think the mods let posts like this through every once in a while just to piss people off…

I did not just read this.

This guy asks the same question every 3 weeks or so.

Ok, you need to give a lot more info. Where are you at now? BF% weight? What is your current workout like? What is your current diet? How many years have you been training. How old are you? Do you want functional mass?

Answer: You should eat clean, but eat often and a lot. Read every article on T-mag that is by John Berardi, Lonnie Lowery, or any other article that sounds like it deals with nutrition. Regarding your training, just train hard, make sure you use compound movements, and lift heavy sometimes, and lift lighter with more reps, slower tempo, etc.


Ask a general question, get a general answer. If you’re serious about getting help, then show us that you’re serious!

How would you like it if I asked you:
I need help investing in stocks. What do I buy? Where do I go to buy stocks? What articles should I read?

What the hell kind of question is that? You’re asking for information that would require several volumes to answer! Plus you give no specifics:
For example (in the example above), it would all depend on how much money you had to invest, past experience with investing, current asset distribution, age, income, personal debt/liabilities, assets, etc.

Do the work. Read. Then get back to us with SPECIFIC questions. Start here:

T-Mag Issue 271 (The New Diet Manifesto)

This article has links to many other T-mag articles. Read them.

Just do it. Even read the Atomic Dog articles. Many of these deal with attitude, which can be as important as anything else when it comes to getting results.

Don’t waste time. Read and learn so that you will do things right. The information is here. All you have to do is put in the time to READ and LEARN. There is a lot of information, I know, but you will be training for the rest of your life, right?

And another thing: Don’t spend all your time here reading. Spend lots of time under the iron. Train hard. Eat often.

Don’t make excuses. Find solutions or create them. If you don’t have the time, make the time. If you don’t have the equipment, food, or whatever – stop making excuses and FIND A WAY. Best of luck.