Mass-gaining while playing hockey

Hi, I’m going to start training to get bigger and stronger, but while I’m playing ice hockey for a team. Basically, its just trying to bulk up with 2-3 times of cardio a week. I’m sure its possible, if I do everything right, right? Anyway here’s an outline of what I want to do.
(i go to college 3 days a week so thats when i get to use the weightroom)
Mon - chest/back (bench, rows, chinups)
Wed - legs (squats, deadlifts, leg press)
Fri - arms/shoulders (curls, dips, pullups, military press)
The supplements I’m going to use are Advanced Protein(of course), Surge(duh…) and I’m considering maybe Methoxyl 7? Would that help me out in this? Thanks for any responses.

Steve F., I see that your goals are to become bigger and stronger while playing hockey at the same time. My question to you is, are your goals of becoming bigger and stronger related to hockey (ie, improved performance on the ice) or are your goals for more of a physical appearance. The reason I ask is that for improved on ice performance, bigger and stronger is not always better.