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Mass Gainers - Worth it?

So the protein I use has about 270 calories. I was looking at a “mass gainer” protein powder the other day and noted that it has 1200 calories per serving.

Are these generally worth it when trying to put on size? I sometimes struggle with calories each day, but I don’t want 1k empty calories just for the numbers sake.

So I guess my real question is, are these worthwhile calories or crap calories?


Nope. Basic protien powder, grind up some oats, add a shot of olive oil. Cheaper and better quality calories.


Dude, you’re so awesome, lol. I had a feeling it wasn’t worth it.

Any particular oats? I usually just get the big Quaker instant oat containers.

Ha ha hadn’t clocked the username so hadn’t realised it was you lol.

Honesty any oats are fine, I used to do 2 scoops of whey, 100g of oats, shot of olive oil and 500ml of whole milk. Think that was around the 1000 cal mark. Would eat a normal breakfast then straight afterwards drink half. Then drink the other half after a meal. If I drank before a meal or in-between it affected my eating of the actual meals, You can always down a shake after eating though.

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Awesome. I make two 1 scoop shakes a day, one whey and one casein at night. So I can split up the oats and oil, or maybe just add it to the whet shake.

I appreciate it (again)!

Add the oats all to the whey. Don’t add carbs to your casein. In fact, I probably wouldn’t add milk to my casein, keep it protein and fats.

Figure out why you struggle. No appetite/get full too fast? Too expensive to eat solid food? No time to cook? etc.

If you’re nearing 40 and carrying 20-ish% bodyfat, mass gainer shakes are probably the last thing I’d recommend. Not worthwhile at all.

That said, by and large (no pun intended), mass gainers are loaded with carbs (typically high sugar) and protein. Whether or not they’re “worthwhile” depends on what your actually daily diet looks like and if they can fill a gap in your plan.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

But, for the most part, like the guys have said, you’ll get much more bang for your buck (physique-wise and money-wise) by making your own calorie-dense shakes instead of store-bought mixes if that’s what you’re after.

My assumption being that this is just due to how the carbs metabolize overnight/during sleep?

A few months ago I started tracking my intake and noticed that my calories rarely hit 2k a day, most of the time around 1500. I just didn’t eat a lot, busy at work, wasn’t paying attention, wasn’t that hungry. Once I started tracking and got some advice from these forums I upped my caloric intake to start adding some lean mass. Sometimes I still struggle due to just not being that hungry.

Typically my carbs and fats are where I fall short.

Yesterday was the following:
8 oz chobani non-fat plain greek yogurt.
Coffee with creamer.

7.6oz chicken breast
beet root juice, bcaas

FitAid Recover

Snack 1:
Day Shake (Whey protein, 8 oz milk, creatine, beta alinine, malted milk)

Snack 2:
4 chick-fil-a chicken strips (not typical)

Jalapeno popper chicken salad (5.6g carbs, 22.7g fats, 59.1g protein)

Snack 3:
1oz almonds
Night Shake (Casein protein, 8oz milk, malted milk).

I figured as much, but I can’t stand peanut butter which seems to be the most popular thing to do… I do like oats though, I mixed them in this morning and enjoyed it. I’ll be sure not to add the oats in to my night shakes though.

Pretty much. It’s not a deal breaker though, so don’t get too hung up on it.

Would it be worth adding for the extra calories if I was off that day?

I have been putting on some size lately while maintaining about the same weight, so my bodyfat percentage has gone down, but I figure there’s no point in trying to lean out while adding some muscle mass, seems a much longer process.

I’m not familiar enough with your big picture training or nutrition to make that kind of a call.

I have done this successfully in the past, however I was coming from a truly dire starting position, so I don’t guarantee it’s a smart or workable path for everyone.