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Mass Gainer Smells Like Fish


I got another tub of a mass gainer today and upon opening I noticed it smelt like fish. The ingrediants says contains fish, but I've bought this brand before and never had it smelling this way. I will be calling the store tomorrow but I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen?


err, uhh...


the ingredient says fish on it... may I ask what brand/product this is?


fish food


Ultimate Nutrition Iso Mass Gainer


whats wrong with actual food?


It smells like chicken.


lol I eat plenty of actual food. Its tough to get full meals all the time when I'm in school tho so I have shakes whenever I don't have time for a full meal in between classes.


What's wrong with shakes?


Just a theory here but maybe they write "may contain - __________" as a catch all statment so they are able to source a variety of proteins and use the cheapest ones. This month/quarter fish protein happened to be cheaper so your gainer includes more of it.

Also, found this on line:
"Fish Protein Powder is a new source of protein to replace overused soy and other protein powders. The powder can be added to a variety of food products to provide a healthy source of easily digestible protein. Bakery and pasta products are particularly amenable. The fish protein can be added to weight loss and protein supplements and can be used as powder capsule filler."

Apparently some Norwegian company has come on the market offering it at a "good" price.
No idea what that would be compared to bulk milk, soy, egg proteins.


There's nothing wrong with shakes, what's wrong is when people buy "mass gainers" in place of eating food. Plus you can make a helluva lot better shake using yogurt, fruit, PB, etc.


This is true. I personally prefer a combination of making my own and having some tubs of ready made mass gainer on hand. The ones i make myself are far healthier (as well as having far more favorable macros and calories) but sometimes its just too damn easy to dump four scoops of monster mass into a shaker and have it all ready. No blending or measuring quantities or any of that stuff.


Protein powder. Add 1/4 cup of oatmeal, heaping tablespoon of PB, mix 1/2 hour before. Use a mixing cup with a metal ball. Teaspoon of flaxmeal to stay regular.


So your suggesting that it smells like fish because more fish derived protein is being used?
That could be possible, but the fact that it smells like fish worries me.
Read this on another site:
"Fishy smell = organic amine = something has gone bad. Buy new whey, I'd say"

I had a serving of it and didn't feel sick or taste any fish.
I dunno, might take it back anyway and exchange it for another tub


Did a quick search specifically on this product and I'm not the only one that agrees it smells like fish, soo I guess its still ok to use as long as I don't mind the smell.

edit- fish smell comes from the high amount of fish oils