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Mass Gain - Where Am I Going Wrong


I have spent too much time over the last 6 months browsing through this and other websites in search of the necessery information for bulking up.

Relevant information:
- 80kg and 5'9"
- 27 years old
- Gained 2kg since the start of December, when I started this diet
- Training 3 times a week, following a 5x5 program, + rugby twice a week (game and training)
- and also... Ive always had a problem with too much farting (my room often smells bad in the morning!)

Now that you've all laughed that off, please have a look at my diet:

6am - Weight gain shake (53g Cho, 30g P, 6g F) mixed with 500ml full fat milk
7am - 4 poached eggs on 2 slices brown toast
10am - same as 6am
12:30pm - 100g brown rice, 200g chicken, green veg
3:30pm - pre training: 40g protein, 45g dextrose, 10g creatine
5:00pm - post training: same as above
6:30 pm - 300g lean beef mince, 400g potato, green veg
9:30 pm - 300g cottage cheese, 5 crackerbreads

so, where am I going wrong? Please feel free to rip me up


Not sure what all that adds up to, but you certainly aren't withering away. Might be hard to bulk when you're running all the time, not recovering, and prolly not lifting enough. That's my guess.


Intensity in the gym perhaps. Also, add up your total diet calories and macros for us.


what does all that add up to, in calories and protein? how long have you been on that diet?

What are your lifts at? How much have they changed over time?


at first glance not enough food n too much activity . that weight gain shake at the top of your list thats about the same as what i have pwo when dieting but with more carbs .when bulking outside of weight training try to be active as little as possible .


THis is bizarrely absurd advice.

OP I implore you to never adopt this ideology.


i didnt mean to be totally inactive only to cut down on other physically strenuous sports.
if his gains are stalling surely its better to let his cals go towards building muscle and recovery than fueling other sports activities


try adding more carbs to your 6am meal, and your pre workout meal, so your body doesn't start breaking down muscle for energy. Also try adding a meal at 2pm. Other than that i think it may be to do with your training. I don't know, i'm a beginner too so i may be blowing smoke out my ass. good luck


I dont think cutting down on his physical activity is going to help the OP's physique.


THis is STILL absoultely wrong.

EXPENDING more energy with higher calories to compensate will ALWAYS be better than doing less activity to keep yourself in a caloric surplus. What youre prescribing is how people get fat.

Seriously. 100% grade A trash advice.


cheers for all of the interest guys. Ive calculated my calorie intake as thus:

Carbohydrates: 428g
Protein: 302g
Fat: 82g

Which I believe equates to 3666 Kcal.

I forgot to say that ive been on this diet for about 3 months, and similar to the overload principle ive gradually increased the amounts that im taking in. The values above are what im now on, not what I started on


If you aren't gaining, eat more... it doesn't matter whether your current intake is 1,000cal or 5,000.

If you were eating enough, but workout intensity was the problem, you would just be getting fatter.


So you've been doing this for 3 months.

How much have your lifts gone up?

How much has your weight gone up?

Once we get that sorted, we can start talking about farting.


OP, I dont know what kind of 5X5 program you are on. I just came off starting strength 5X5. Knowing your lifting improvements if any, would be helpful. I can speak from first hand experience, that after doing SS5X5, my lifts increased by 30 pounds(beginner gains). My weight increased about 10-15, and stayed there while strength kept going up. 5x5 is not a get big program, its a strength program.

If its not working for you, maybe you should change the set/rep scheme to a more lighter weight higher reps(8-12) for hypertrophy.


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