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Mass Gain Supplements


If price is not important, what do you feel are the supplements that can help putting on as much mass as possible the best?

(Other than Surge Recovery BCAA L-Leucine and creatine)
Please dont say : food and/or proteins and/or lifting heavy and/or sleeping enough. lol

Surge Workout Fuel
Rhodiola Rosea
ZMA (should that be a staple..?)


I did not notice much from ZMA, so its definately not a staple for me. I would recommend just trying one bottle and see if it does anything for you. I know some swear by it.


Where the hell is your Flameout?

And if you're using a lean protein (i.e. low carbs, and many of them are like this) then switching to Metabolic Drive Complete will really help you get more kcals in.


Casein protein before bed.


I love how the last 2 poster have reading comprehension deficit

Did you not notice I listed the supplements I wanted to be talked about?

  1. Fish oil is already taken care of
  2. No switching to metabolic wont help me get more kcals as I have natural pb + olive oil in my "snack shakes" and my post workout shake is also taken care of.
  3. Casein before bed is already taken care of


Thx for the input


ZMA gives me freaky dreams.


I'd like to be able to help you out.....however the only things that have worked for me when I wanted to put on weight were ample amounts of food (everything and anything) and creatine mono.



That usually wears off after 2-3 weeks. It did for me.

No, going from Metabolic Drive Low-Carb to Metabolic Drive Complete is not enough to make you start gaining mass. Add 1 cup oatmeal to your Metabolic Drive Complete, 1 tbsp macadamia nut oil and maybe another 6-8 oz of milk (or heavy cream). Throw in 1 tbsp of cinnamon and 1 tbsp of organic, non-alkalized 100% cocoa powder. Maybe even a few drops of vanilla extract.


I would like to say the para-workout protocol, but unfortunately I have not tried it yet. Still working on my cutting - with no end in sight.

Out of the list you provided, I would think maybe the Surge Workout Fuel might be best - only because it might help increase lifting poundage and/or reps for further adaptation/progress.

OP - did you try or are you going to try the Thib's para workout protocol (without the Anaconda)? I would be really interested in someone who is already lean and see if the protocol increased their mass without too much fat accumulation. If I ever finish with my diet, I am going to do the protocol myself with or without Anaconda.


No where in your post did you say that you're eating fish oil. Unless you eat a ton of fish every day, you're not getting enough Omega 3s. Also, I know you said don't say protein, but you'd be surprised how many people don't know that high kcal containing protein shakes exist.

I'll also weigh in on ZMA, as I've been taking it for a while. I notice that I get more restful sleep, but it causes minor prostate inflammation in me. Apparently that's normal; zinc is strongly tied to prostate function, and hyperdosing on zinc will cause minor, albeit harmless swelling.

It usually goes away 10-12 hours after I take it. I do get more vivid dreams from it though. It's hard for me to say just how effective it is, but I generally wake up feeling way less sore than when I went to sleep.