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Mass Gain or Crazy Cut Advice


Hi All, I'm body type is between an EndoMorph and a Mesomorph. I'm also a lindy hopper and I dance 2 days a week for about 2 hours a day. I look skinny from afar but I have lots of blubber. My biggest body part are my thighs (being Jewish gives me wider hips and a large ass but only average size shoulders) thus the dream of having the regular guy's triangle body is out.


I have 2 very different goals one that I want to achieve more than the other though!

A.)My main goal is to gain mass. The problem with that is that I dance, and I'm not about to stop. So if there's a way that I can still gain mass while dancing 4 hours a week. Show me the way! I heard about the StrongLifts workout but he pushes to avoid cardio.


B.) If I can't gain the mass because of my dancing, I'm willing to take the road less traveled by mass builders and and get cut up instead. Anyone suggest a best workout for this goal? I have time to go to the gym 3 days a week. My gym does have a pool.


Sifting through the mess I just typed above, my main goal is to feel good about myself physically and be able to walk on the beach and get a tan, instead of hiding my body under a shirt and looking like I've been playing video games in a basement for 4 years! Has anyone been in my shoes with a similar body type and have had success with achieving ither the cut-up look or the muscle gain look? If so, what was/is your workout?

Also I know that diet plays a huge role and mine sucks! I like routines so if anyone could suggest a basic 5 day plan that they use, something I can buy regularly, that would help.


And finally the reason I'm spewing my insecurities out here is because I've dated a lot of average looking girls in my time and was ok with it (thinking that since i'm not that good looking, I should not get my hopes up), but I recently met a beautiful girl, who is funny and smart and and and.. point is she's perfect!!! How she has taken interest in me I have no clue, but I'm not about to let her go.. So if there's any reason for me to get back into shape it's HER!


I’ll let experts be experts, but here are some thoughts before you get flamed.

  1. Being Jewish has nothing to do with your physique. Don’t assume that “the dream of having the regular guy’s triangle body is out.” That’s selling yourself short, and it’s a little unfair to other Jews who train.

  2. Standard diet advice: log your food on fitday.com or thedailyplate.com so you know what you’re eating. Start by cutting out anything you know is junk food. Try for 90% compliance: that means, 90% of the time, you eat clean.

  3. I don’t see why dancing should be a problem. Lots of people do cardio on their off days.

  4. Have you ever lifted weights before? If you don’t have a program yet, look into the basic beginner programs (Starting Strength, Westside, or 5x5 – you can find them outlined on this site.)

  5. Getting in shape is great, but don’t let body anxiety stop you from going for the girl. If we all waited to date until we were totally satisfied with our bodies, the human race would die out. She likes you. Just enjoy yourself with her, and then work your butt off.

Good luck! And let us know how it goes.


Thanks for the good words Alisa! :]


Look if you do a crazy cut now. My question is what are you going to cut? Cause from what I can tell you just need to get into the gym and start learning exercises. I find doing a mixture of free weights and machines is the best way to go.

I think most people would do fine on an upper/lower body split ala westside for skinny bastards. Or look into EDT I’ll link you up right now. Keep the dancing going (hey it’s like cardio I imagine).

From what I can tell you might be over indulging in carbs. Try following a high protein, high good fat and low/moderate carb (pretty much only have some carbs around workouts/physical activities) diet for a while and see how you feel after a few weeks. I’d rather see some one eating a lot of good fats and protein versus lots of protein and carbs. Some people don’t deserve as many carbs as they eat.

yet look into this it might peak your interest


Steve, don’t worry, Jews can get jacked too. (?)

What’s your current height and weight? Any appreciable muscle? Because most people who ask about both bulking and cutting are both weak at fat (like me!) so EITHER could be a valid option.

If you want to bulk up, you just have to push heavy weights and eat more. Extensive cardio (or dancing) makes it tougher but not impossible. Question though, if you DO bulk up, would that advesely effect your dancing?