Mass FX

Alright I hear pretty good things about these products, has anyone else had any experience with them? Here’s my real question though, since they boost your own natural testosterone is it safe to use?

First off, you’re much better off asking about non-Biotest products elsewhere. Not sure why someone under 18 needs a test booster at all. So yah.

Who comes up with these stupid names? Hyperdrol? Seriously!

If they are in fact test boosters, they are pretty much pointless for someone who’s tests levels aren’t beginning to decline. A healthy young man’s body will already be producing as much T as possible. You can’t boost %100.

Go eat some food.

class of 09 strikes again!

…but seriously. I took a t-booster when I was 22 and it didn’t do anything. Except waste my money…I could have spent that on some food; or a whore! (albeit a cheap one)