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Mass Effect 3


Comes out in a few weeks. Any other people as excited for this as I am?


I'm replaying ME2 right now to get ready. What an amazing game.


I think I just came watching that video.

I am really going to have to avoid buying this game until after the school semester is over, otherwise I'm going to flunk out for sure. Too many times did I get caught up in Mass Effect 1&2 to the detriment of the rest of my life. I've already dropped too many hours into the multiplayer portion of the demo (got a level 20 soldier, a level 17 engineer and a level 10 adept). Fuck me.


Ay caramba.

I just can't wait.


I think some people are saying that EA came in a botched this one up a bit.

Hopefully that isn't the case. This is one of the best series out there.


I've been to the forums on Bioware once or twice and there was some hooplah about day 1 DLC and the game getting dumbed down for the masses or something.


Yeah I've heard the same. The $10 for Day 1 DLC considering it's a Prothean squadmate seems wrong. The script was also leaked. I didn't read it, but people who have said it's pretty terrible. Just hearing a lot of bad stuff, and their last RPG DA2 wasn't good either.


I thought DA2 was awesome. Using the same stock "warehouse" and "cave" like 50 times was lame, but the combat was really good. I played it on Nightmare and setting up the tactics and stuff was a good challenge and a lot of fun.

I'm also sure the ME3 script is good. I've noticed video game nerds absolutely love to hate on stuff. Can you imagine if the script was leaked and people said it was totally awesome? Yeah right. Somebody is always going to bitch. ME3 is going to be a great game.


Gawd please let this not be true.

Though I really liked DA2, as well as DAO.


Ive been playing the demo a lot lately.... it's gonna be sickkkkkkkk


Was trying to find out on the Bioware forums if this particular Prothean was in the game, and was just only available as a squadmate if you bought the DLC, or if he just wasn't in the game at all if you didn't buy the DLC. Read way too many pages on those forums without seeing a solid answer from someone I could definitively say was more than an anonymous internet warrior and gave up. To be honest I'll probably buy the DLC anyways. Gonna take some serious gumption to hold off on buying/playing it til after the school semester though . . .


From what I've heard, he's in the game already and the DLC just allows you to recruit him. He's not meant to be that important and this DLC was suppose to be released after game was released, but they got it done before hand. Doesn't make sense to me considering the importance of the character.

And that's kind of a spoiler right there. I don't know why they are leaking that kind of info, but it's a Prothean, if you were going to make him recruitable it should be in the main game. Something seems wrong here, plus you're basically spoiling the game with this DLC. So we're likely to find a Prothean community and it's likely been working on a weapon to beat the reapers the past 50k years. Kind of annoying.




So excited. Re-playing ME2 atm....

My fiance pre-ordered that and Prototype 2 for me....luvin' her.


DA2 was a completely different game than DA1. So much so I could not even think of them as in the same series, just the same world. I never bought the sequel, just played it a bit and it was really different. I think anyone expecting a big, nerdy, RPG like Origins was bound to be enraged/dissapointed by DA2.

What I have seen from the Mass Effect 3 script is not "good". It is a schlockfest. Now, to be clear, Mass Effect is not an overwhelmingly serious franchise. It is a bit like a combination of Star Trek the Original Series and Farscape. Since I like both those things I am a fan. If the leaked Beta script stays largely in place than it is a step down in terms of writing/plot. Doesn't mean it wont be fun.

Also, an amazon pre-order gets a $10 gift card, so that sort of "undoes" the shitty day of release, pay one sixth the price for a character/mission DLC. I think I will go that route myself.

Oh, and I am 100% pro/faithful to Liara.

Even more after finding out that Ashley (if she survived Virmire since she didn't in my "cannon" play through) basically tells you to fuck off and die in ME2. Yeah, that's right. The anti-alien biggot cuts you less slack than Garrus, Wrex, or Tali.


Robert A


After playing TOR, and getting fed up with the grinding, I was hesitant to try Mass Effect, but my friend lent me ME2 and I must say.. so far, BioWare lends itself much better to this series (though sometimes I feel like I'm playing an FPS version of TOR - not in a bad way)..

The dialogue and gameplay are great.. I'll definitely be copping ME3.


12 hours. Firing up some FemShep!


I caved. Pre-ordered. If a thread pops up in a few months asking about life advice for someone who's been booted out of university, you'll know why . . .


I came just watching this.


Damn your easy, if that all it takes?

You plan on PS3 or Xbox?