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Mass Eating

I am using the mass eating diet, eating 6 meals a day, 35-40g protein and 45-50 grams of carbs each meal. As a source of protein I use egg beaters which in each carton have 25g protein and a power bar which have 45g carbs and 10g protein for 2 of my meals at work b/c it is easy. I just open the egg beaters and drink and eat the bar. Is this okay for a couple of meals a day for weight gain, or should I only eat chicken and tuna and other protein meats and rice and pasta instead? Or is it just the quantity of protein and carbs. The power bars say that about 20g of the 45g carbs are sugar.

Not ideal that’s for sure, but if you’re gaining mostly lean weight then I guess it’s working. Are you? You can get a good protein powder for the price of the Egg Beaters and a whey/casein blend is better than plain eggs. The rest depends on calories, which you didn’t mention. Overall cals is going to be the determining factor. Personally I think Power Bars are just sugary junk food, unless you’re a marathon runner. At least use Met-Rx bars or wait on the Biotest bars to come out.

I am using EAS Mass for post workout or to substitute for a meal, but the egg beaters do not make you feel bloated, and have the same protein as a chicken breast. Calories are around 2500 a day.

I’d bet that protein powder, even the best brands like Low Carb Grow, are cheaper per gram of protein than egg beaters, and taste a helluva lot better. As for the power bar, there are many better bars out there, 10g is really puny…power bars are for endurance athletes, not lifters.

For convenience, a 16 oz carton of fat free cottage cheese has 56 g protein and 16 g carbs. You can mix a bunch of salsa in it which will only add a few more carbs. Or mix cottage cheese with flavored protein powder and maybe a little extra artificial sweetner. Add a little dry oatmeal to it if you want a few carbs with it. Or mix cottage cheese and tuna. Or mix cottage cheese and your favorite sugar free jello (dry,unmixed) for flavor and a little dry oatmeal for carbs. The dry oatmeal really goes pretty good with cottage cheese. You can add some of your egg beaters to it to change the consistency if you wish. You can do 101 things with cottage cheese and it should be a staple of all BB’s. Use cottage cheese and your imagination.

Heb is right. I hat cottage cheese by itself, but if I put it on some toasted multi-grain bread with a little low cal jelly, it tastes great. One more cottage cheese recipe that I love is to mix it with peanut butter. That mix tastes so good and is loaded with great protein and healthy fats.

I forgot my favorite for a carb up meal (I’m 8 weeks into a low carb diet and seems like I haven’t carbed up forever). Anyway try this: 16 oz cottage cheese, 1 can black or red beans, and lots of salsa to taste. Very simple. Very filling and satisfying. Tons of quality protein and good carbs. Toss in a can of tuna for an even higher protein meal. I keep tuna and beans in the fridge prechilled just for such an occasion. You can adjust the quantity of all ingredients to tweek the protein\carb\calories you desire as the nutritional info is on all the cans/packages. Enjoy.