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Mass diet critique...si vous plait!

I would greatly appreciate any comments/critiques on my mass diet/training. There are a lot of smart guys and gals on this forum so thanks to all that chime in…

My stats are 5’9’’, 25yrs, 156lbs, bf%12-13(readings from accumeasure). Bench 205, Squat 225, Dead 250 - my main goal is strength (as if you can’t tell from these miserable stats).

The totals for this diet are:
455-57c, 234p, 116f, equaling 3800kcal. I got these numbers using a cross between the Get Big diet and JB’s Massive Eating formula’s.

The following is what I eat on days I workout in the afternoon or later in the day:

1 Blueberry Oatmeal (from JB.com)
111c 54p 13f

  • Some days eggs sub in for protien

1 shot spirulina
.5c 2p 0f

2 “Chanko”+ spinach+olive oil
85c 22p 9.5 fat

3 Protein/flax/Olive oil shake
(2 tbs flax, 2 tbs olive)
3c 23p 57f

4 PWO Shake 1 (During workout)
57c 28p 3f

5 PWO Shake 2 (Immediately after Wout)
59c 29p 2f

6 PWO Meal (60-90min post)
.5cp Granola+1cp Plain Yogurt
+.5Banana (50g)
58c 19p 13f

7 “Chanko”+spinach
(.5cp corn)
67c 22p 2.5f

8 Lean meat/fish + veg meal+flax
14-16c 33p 16f

1 shot spirulina
.5c 2p 0f

On days I am able to workout in morning the food and ratios are the same but:

1 PWO1
2 PWO2+spirulina shot
4 Chanko
5 Mass shake + Banana&Oats
(Same macro’s as BlueB oatmeal above)
6 Chanko
7 lean meat/fish+veg+flax meal
8 Protein/flax/olive oil shake
+spirulina shot

On days I don’t workout I make the Chanko meals bigger and bring in another lean meat/ veggie meal or shake.

I’ve tried to cover my greens w/spirulina, spinach and the mix veg (I either use standard mix veggies or california mix). I’m getting about 24-30g of fiber here.

The chanko uses TC’s recipe, and I make my own PWO shakes using JB’s formula of .4g Protein per Kg and .8g carbs per kg or as close as I can get it. My PWO shake contain sucrose,fructose,dextrose and maltodextrin with whey concentrate and hydrosylate. Creatine (20g) and ribose, d-pinotal as well as some others are also in my “home brew”.

I have currently finished my first 3 weeks of CW’s Anti-bodybuilding and am going on another 3 week cycle but switching the rep days as CW suggested. On bench/row instead of 10x3 I’ll do 5x10 etc. and this time I am going to use the arm option.

I do one day of cardio either Sat or Wed using a variation of Mahler’s HOC:

Jump rope 1 min
10 one arm dumbell snatches
Jump rope 1 min
10 dumbell squat thrust/high pulls
Jump rope 1 min

Repeat twice.

Other supps I take are ZMA, B-complex, and 2g Vit C daily.

Thanks again for your advice and wisdowm, I really appreciate it.

In Iron.

bumpty bump.


bump. Anyone?

lookin pretty good, though I personally don’t like that many carbs. It may help mass, but it’s not worth the fat gain for me. I would trade some of it for more protein myself, but if you’ve responded well to high carbs in the past, then do what ever works well for you.

I agree with Ryan. Why so many carbs? Even if you don’t get fat easily, I still think that is too many carbs. The protein intake is fine, but if you’re going to lower the carbs, it won’t hurt to replace more protein in its place.

So would you guys suggest something like dropping the carbs by 100 and upping the protien by 100: 355-57c, 334p, 116f? I also had thought about dropping the carbs down and upping the fat, or maybe half the carb drop between protien and fat?

Also my waist hasn’t gotten any bigger yet but then again I haven’t been on this diet very long either…

And on the other hand alot of the carb intake is in the mornig (and high fiber about 20g) or during/post workout, except for off days, and also from the Chanko which TC had said helped him gain w/o putting on much fat (his waist never changed)…

Anyway let me know what ratios you all might suggest, I am always open to change…and thanks so much for the input…