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Mass Days and Cutting Days Weekly


hey i just wanted to know peoples thoughts on a diet were monday to friday you ate above calories to gain mass and trained weight lifting and then on the weekends you had 2 days of calorie restricted (but keeping your protein intake the same as bulk days just cut out the fats and carbs) eatting and a tonne of HIIT and cardio

on the mass days you would gain muscle and some fat and on the cuttting weekends you would loss some fat.

any body ever tired this ?
does it work ?
do you think it would work ?

thanks for your time


Why do that when you can bulk one meal, then cut the next.

You know, pizza n wings for breakfast and a chicken salad for lunch. Oh the possibilities.






Actually, it's funny that this guy post this, because for a 4 - 5 month time frame I was eating consistently above maintenance, say 500 cals or so. I put on about 14 pounds and gained a decent amount of strength. I then stopped eating above maintenance, and dropped my calories to a 500 - 1000 cal deficit for three or four weeks. Since then, I've been calorie cycling (sort of like the OP was suggesting) and my strength gains have gone through the roof. I'm not sure why this is, maybe I'm more insulin resistant after the caloric restriction.

Either way, give it a try OP, might not be a bad idea.


will do. thanks mate


why would u eat pizza on a bulk ? thats just ignorant. nasty ass junk food. bulk clean bro...


Dudes in your face's lol


new article talkin about what i was asking about and recommending it


You realize you just posted a link to this thread...fail...lol

But I do know what you're referring to, maybe you meant this: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/error_loading_topic_id_2952639brgot_exception_commysqljdbcexceptionsmysqlintegrityconstraintviolationexception_duplicate_entry_2952639subtitle_for_key_2 ?


haha fuck ! yep thats the one thanks mate


That being said I really feel there's a big difference between cutting on some days and just avoiding eating too many carbs or excess calories. I was under the impression reading the article that it was geared more towards the prevention of fat gain rather than fat loss. That's just my 2 cents tho


Thibs reccomends control days (lower carbs/cals - close to cutting levels) during a mass phase to keep fat gains low and improve insulin sensitivity.

Carb/calorie cycling is a good idea too in general... although it depends how extreme you go.


When I first started working out a few years, I would alternate bulking (lifting) days and cutting (cardio) days cuz I thought I'd get some hawt cut abz!!! Needless to say, I used my newbie gains on neither fat loss nor muscle gain.


Since when are you bulking and cutting due to lifting and cardio respectively? The work you do in the gym makes up about 20% of your body composition, while the real growth or fat loss is done at home in your kitchen...

Just saying you're basically saying carb/calorie cycling doesn't work. That's ignorant.


I'm kinda with curt on this one. Carb cycling works, no doubt. But chances are its too complex to be done correctly by someone who's new to lifting. As an absolute newbie the focus should be on eating clean and pushing up bigger and bigger numbers. There's already enough to worry about, like proper lift form and learning about individual body limits and how to progress. Adding in a more complex diet isnt what the average new guy needs. Carb cycling works, yes. But it requires a greater knowledge base to pull off correctly.

@ the OP: what you're doing is fine, just make sure to get some whey or BCAAs around your cardio/HIIT to preserve your muscle.


I did not intend to say that carb cycling didn't work. I more meant that without lots of knowledge of what you're doing (like me when I first started), complex training protocol are doomed to failure. Why is starting strength so simple? Because it's a good start for someone new to lifting.

By all means, if what the OP is doing is working for him, he should continue to do so. If anyone else on these boards feels confident enough in their knowledge of carbs and timing and what not, carb cycling is a great idea. But for most people, I think simplicity reigns supreme.


I'm speaking from experience on the issue, so obviously we have come from different paths. I'm a FFB so the diet had a lot more to do with results than the weight room and pavement. It seems the OP has somewhat of a weight training background so I assumed he was looking for diet/nutrition advice. Isn't that the issue here? He's asking about gaining muscle during the week (caloric surplus with higher carbs) and losing fat on the weekends (lower cals/carbs). Again...80% nutrition has been the key for success IMO.


ive been working out around 3 years now and im a competitive jiujitsu athlete. far from a newbie.

i just made my diet plan for this today
gonna try it for 12 weeks

im just going to use the perimeters from that article

my work out days are Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday so they will be.

Carbs: 2-3 grams per pound of body weight
Protein: 1-1.25 grams per pound of body weight
Fat: as little as possible


Tuesday Saturday and Sunday i will just eat vegtables and meat and whey and olive oil and other good fats to the sound of

Protein: 1.25-1.5 grams per pound of body weight
Fat: 0.15-0.35 grams per pound of body weight
throw in a bit of starving on these days as well, i enjoy starving it makes me eat more on big eat days and gives me a greater appreciation for good foods

probably keep my protein intake the same on all days just to be safe and feel safer.

see how it goes. i hope it gives me slow muscle gains and slow fat loss over time
giving me a steady diet that achieves my goals over time, so i don't have to cut or bulk respectively.


Because it's delicious. 3 slices of pizza, 1 philly cheese steak and 2 glasses of milk was my post workout meal yesterday. It's ignorant to think that everyone has shitty genetics/metabolism to the point where eating a slice of pizza is physique destroyer.


Let me guess: you're cutting?