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Mass Cycle

I set-up this cycle with some buds from another site. I want to run it by you guys before I embark.

Week 1
20/mg D bol/day
3200mg/week Test Cyp
1600mg/week Nandrolone decanoate
100mg/day Tren
femara @ 2.5mg ED

Weeks 2-6
20mg D bol/day
800mg/week Test Cyp
400mg/week Nandrolone decanoate
100mg/day Tren
femara @ 2.5mg ED

Weeks 7-10
20mg D bol/day
150mg/day Tren
100mg/day Testosterone Propionate
femara @ 2.5mg ED

Week 11
2000 IU HCG
femara @ 2.5mg ED

Weeks 12.5-15.5
200 to 50mg/day Clomid (tapered)
20mg/day Nolvadex (extend to week 22.5)

Every Sat and Sun beginning on week 3 and ending on week 10, 250IU HCG.

Also, cranberry extract, milk thistle, and Liv52 throughout.

I’m no expert but I have done similar cycles. I would split the front load over weeks 1 and 2. I would kick the Dbol to 50 mg ED weeks 1-4 and 8-10. I would do HGC 250 mg on weekends starting week 6. I would need at least 10 mg of Nolva a day starting about week 6. Personally I get headaches and feel like shit when I do more than 100 mg of tren a day, but I would continue the weeks 7-10 protocol for two more weeks. That’s my two cents.

OK P-22, let’s hear from you…

Sounds like a kick ass cycle. Well planned out, I must say. I have run a few cycles VERY similar to that, but I used Enanthate instead of the Cyp, only because of availability to me. I would bump up the D-bol just a BIT higher, at about 30-35mg per day (but then again, it all depends on your sensitivity to that chemical).

But damn, that is one serious frontload in the first week… is there a reason for it?

Looks like a pretty nice cycle. You think you need that high a dose of femara ed? Also, I agree with Pap on the whole HCG thing, not point in letting the boys go in the first place…right?

BTW, I can’t remember why but I thought it was a bad idea to run deca and tren together?

Mass-I’ve heard so much about 4X for a frontload. It does have me a little bit worried, that is a lot for one week. I am thinking about splitting it between the first two weeks as PAP said. I’m not sure about waiting until week 6 for the HCG though. The boys are going to shut down hard after week 3 and I don’t want them to go anywhere.

I don’t have a problem with the deca front but I would decrease the cyp to double first and 1, 1/2 second week or something to that nature.

use the hcg in small amounts regularly starting the end of week 3. every 3 days 250 iu or something is a decent protocol. I think swale has changed to this from the weekend protocol.

all in all it looks like a decent cycle, and that you should make gains on it. Use some Vit B6 also for progesterone/ prolactin resons as the conjunction of nandrolone and tren may cause some of this.
Other than that all I can say is that it is a pretty potent cycle, and you have to ask yourself where do I go from here?