Mass cycle

I would like your input on what you think is the best mass cycle. I absolutely love sust/tren/d-bol combination, however I’ve developed a somewhat of a case of scar tissue and have since taken some needed time off. In June I’ll be traveling to Europe for a competition(hometown competition where I’ll be competing with people I grew up with and some of these guys are what I call “walking pharmacies”, if you know what I mean) and Was thinking of What I should use for my next cycle. Although I love the cycle mentioned above, I can’t inject daily due to my present condition. I am currently at 233lbs but a little soft compared to where I was. In the past I’ve used Test/Eq/D-bol with great results. I would like the vets to respond(you know who you are) and perhaps give me some more ideas.

test/eq/d-bol sounds pretty fucking good to me!

or you can just go with test and d-bol. if your dosage is high enough im sure you can grow like a weed from just those two.

or even better yet. some bros have been talking about some new tren enethate. maybe you can get a hold of that.

You can also always make a “finsol” topical preparation. But anyway I have had great results with Test-eq-dbol.

Hell yeah! My first cycle will be test/Eq/dbol VERY soon. I’ll get to try the new RSOC sustanon product :slight_smile:

Face it bro, it is pretty damn hard to top a Test/Tren/D bol cycle. The only thing left then would be the answers you have been getting. Nothing like it I tell you.

yeah the tren ED injections get old for sure. i was hopeful a tren enanthate product was on the way. but, spook is doubtful and i think rightfully so. like he said, red star kicked it around but it just isnt financially possible. the raw materials are just too much. and one would have to believe that phil has access to basically whatever he wants. until it shows up in the market place i am going to stop daydreaming about it.

Daydreaming? I am pretty sure i had a wet dream about tren enanthate last night.

Anyway, I am starting my Test/Eq/Dbol at 1000mgs/600mgs/40mgsED respectively tomorrow. It is a great cycle and is only second to the combo with tren IMO.

Also, E is it a powerlifting comp. or a show? Because if it is a powerlifting comp I would probably tell you to do something like the previous cycle now, and plan a cycle based around anadrol that ends maybe a week after the competition. I am just thinking out loud, but it might be something to think about.

Read many times that T-mag recommends Test / Tren / EQ for mass. So do a lot of others.


Test , D-bol, Anavar.

Deca would be better than Tren but Deca shuts you dooowwnnnn.


Could you clarify why one would use eq and tren together?

Also, no matter what your goals are - bulking or cutting tren is in a whole other league.

Tren Enanthate, problem solved

I am gonna go with what has worked for me in the past: Test/Eq/D-bol. I am gonna use 1000mgs of test for 12 weeks along with 800mgs of Equipoise for 8 weeks and 50mgs of d-bol for the first 6 weeks. I will add winstrol and primo towards the end. Since this is not a powerlifing competition and there’s no drug testing involved I feel confident that I will place high.


good choice bro and good luck

Tdog, EQ and Tren are not some synergistic combo for receptors, gene expressions, etc… the are complements androgenic to anabolic, however, several well known bros have had great results on Tren / EQ for a bulking cycle. I know this looks bad with exces estrogen and prolactin due to aromatizing molecules in EQ and Trens nature, but its great… Then add in test for well being and libido. may even want to use proviron ED instead of arimidex… And you must use Nolva if your gyno prone.