Mass Cycle

Right gents,

6ft, 238lbs, 11%bf, 52 chest, 19 arms, 26 legs, 19 neck, 35 waist, 16.5 calves (yup crap i know!!) 46 years old training for 10 years, properly for 2, done plenty of cycles and pct, hgh, prohormones etc.
First show next year and i need advice on a good bulking cycle, i propose the following:
Weeks 1 to 4 50mg dbol
Weeks 1 to 12 1000mg test cyp
Weeks 1 to 12 800mg decca
Someone said introduce parabolan mid cycle but would like your opinions, i have plenty of arimadex and tamoxifen for gyno, will run pct poss clomid and hgc post cycle, also got eq so could run that in the cycle if needed.
Advice appreciated gents.

Extend cyp to 16 weeks. Run EQ for 14 weeks at a gram as well. It will compliment the Deca greatly due to Deca being very calorie dependent and EQ inflicting excruciating hunger pains at a gram a week. Leave Deca to end at week 12. Give it time to clear. EQ has a long ester as well but I rarely hear of people complaining about shutdown from EQ. Cutting it 2 weeks prior to Test should be fine. Fuck parabolan unless you want to replace it for the Deca. 2 nandro’s is just acting for libido on the floor and prolactin based gyno. Would really not reccomend running both. Would also extend Dbol to week 6. Try 0.5mg of Adex EOD but I really think you’l end up having to switch it to ED cause Test at dose greatly varies from person to person when it comes to sides. Good luck.


at your age, I would recommend trt with maybe 1 or 2 cycles a year. Additionally, I would advise you to avoid orals… they are nice for a little boost, but in general, (again, especially at your age) you may find they are more trouble than they are worth when considering their effect on lipids, BP, hematocrit, liver values etc.

I would suggest that you do anywhere from 750-1000mg of testosterone a week with .5mg adex ED.

deca is considered more effective at putting on mass than EQ is, but its damaging effects on blood vessels is considerable.

EQ is an “ok” steroid. The hunger that it is known to cause is not felt by every user.

tren is one of the best steroids available… it pairs up nicely with test and any combination of test/deca test/eq etc.

keep a very close eye on your blood values and your blood pressure.

also, a 35 inch waist at 11% bodyfat?

Personally I prefer tren to deca, would run test and tren with a dbol kickstart.

Good info thanks, dont understand the “35 waist at 11% bf” though, i was cutting for a show from feb to april this year but broke a chunk of the end of my right radius and obliterated the bursa!! I got down to under 8% bf and waist at 33, i boxed for a long time and had good abs and obliques so i really dont do too much ab work, just strip fat and water to show them through and currently have a full set with obliques and serratus, elbow is close to 100% now with a good osteopath, ultrasound and lymphatic drain massage and a touch of accupuncture.
Only problem is going too heavy too quick as i did a lot of power work years ago and cant resist…