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Mass Cycle Prior to Contest Prep



Last year, I went on my normal bodybuilding diet since I didn't feel good about myself -carrying too much weight. My diet ended last June and since then, I vowed to maintain a good balance without adding unnecessary body fat.

I had my body fat taken today,via a "Bod Pod." It was fairly accurate, since I estimated I was around 8% and the Pod calculated the following figures. Based on what I see in the mirror, I estimated the high singe digits for body fat.

Height: 72'
Weight: 203.4
Percent fat: 6.6%
Percent lean: 93.4%

My current daily caloric intake is roughly 2800-3000 calories, with about 30% from carbs, 50% protein, 20% from fats.
Here are my questions: I want to start slowly increasing my mass while limiting fat gain. My goal is to start contest prep (hopefully) in early February 2010 for a contest in May 2010.

1) Should I just dial up my calories?
2) if so, at what rate?
3) Should I also adjust my ratios?
4) What would be "acceptable" body fat to maintain, as I train the last 6 months, prior to contest prep starting in early 2010?

I value your insights. Thanks again,