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Mass Cycle in Iraq

Hey all, I’m currently deployed over here in Iraq for about a year but I have about 6 months before I go home and was fortunate enough to get my hands on some gear, and in that due time I plan on putting on quite a bit of mass with this cycle I currently have that I plan on starting in January. This will be my second cycle during my current tour and would like any suggestions pertaining to it, Thanks.

Age: 22
Height: 5’10
Weight: 210-215
BF: 14%

Goal-To gain Mass and Strength.

Week 1-6: 50mg/day Anadrol
Week 1-12: 750mg Test Cyp.
Week 1-12: 400mg Deca Dur.
Week 1-12: HCG 250iu/2x Week.
Week 13-17: Nolva/20-40mg Day.

Supplements within this stack: Multi, Milk Thistle.
Calories: 4-5k/day
Protein: 300-400/day

Any furthur suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated…Thanks.

don’t get caught!

Also I know nothing about military, but how exactly can you get that much food a day is their an infinite supply of food or something?

LOL Shizen, well we have KBR out here which runs the chow hall and it is open 24/7. The regular meals are superb and they even display how many carbs/calories/protein is in that particular meal. I’d say the best day out here is Friday though with a serving of Steak, Lobster, or Crab Legs. So therefore I’am able to count up my caloric intake, plus I’am taking calorie/protein shakes as well in between those meals.

I would suggest you just cut out the Deca altogether, seeing as you would normally want to stop Deca a few weeks before your last Test injection, but anything less than 12 weeks wouldn’t be worthwhile. Be sure to have enough SERMs, as at that high a dose of Test you might experience gyno.

You should also wait a bit longer before the start of your PCT, meaning rather than only a week, aim for ~12 days.

It would be wise to get your hands on some Arimidex, too.

My only suggestion is to add in an AI. It would be shitty to have to use up your nolv during cycle to fight off a gyno flare up.

Like Reagan said drop the deca, not enough time on, but if you do decide to run the deca make sure you cut it out two weeks before the test.

Thanks for the suggestions Contrl and 2thepain. Soon after I read your posts I talked with my source and have Arimidex coming my way.

Don’t put to much bank on what is labeled for caloric intake/carbs, etc in the chow line. Pay attention they often misrepresent the items being served. Portions are also larger than one serving, quite a bit larger. Not eating carbs in the desert was difficult for me especially with my work demand it was often hard for me to eat healthy without starving myself, especially on the road(Stay away from MREs).

My cycle suffered because of it. Try to limit your carbs to good fruits the best you can. I had a lot of extra bloating that I didn’t want during that Mass Cycle.