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Mass Cycle: HGH, EQ, Sustanon & D-Bol


Hello all,

Please feel free to comment on my cycle and say if it needs improving

This is my fourth cycle, I'm taking 3 iu hgh upon awakening, 3iu 15 minutes before bed Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday off .
I'm also taking 400 mg equipoise per week and 500 mg sustanon 250 per week ( weeks 1-12)
With 30mg dianabol every day for 5 weeks

I want to gain mass , my age is 22 , weight : 238 lbs with 12% bodyfat , height 5ft 9 ins


No mention of PCT..

No injection schedule for sustanon has been suggested, you need EOD for most stable levels.


Also you didn't list what weeks you were taking the d-bol, you just say 5 weeks...


So in your other thread you're worried about breathlessness and irregular heart-beat, but instead of looking into that you're going to go ahead with a pretty big cycle. Sounds good to me.