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Mass Cycle Help


I've just got my gear. 30ml Test En. 30ml Tren Ac. and 10 ml of EQ. I would appreciate some help on putting this together in a mass building cycle. I'm 5'3" 170lbs. I dont know my bodyfat percentage but holding on to lean from my first show a few mths back. I've done a few cycles mainly years ago except a short 6 week one I did for the bb show. It was Tren A 2x week, Decca once a week, and Winnie EOD for the last 20 days.
thanks for any and all the help!


How about you put together the cycle and we’ll try and steer you in the right direction. I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of help here without doing a little more legwork than this.

I will say your combination of drugs is rather, erm, unconventional. You could certainly do something productive with it, however.