Mass Construction

As you imagine, I’m a fucking 17 years old newbie. I know I Know shit (like the good Socrates). So I want a really honest critique of the next routine I didn’t create (I took it from the Mexican site like this, something like la Naci?n de la testosterona).

Is the volume right?
Should I take some exercise out or include others?
Are the rest enough?

PLease give me good feedback.

Monday and Thursday
-Dumbell or barbell Bench Presses
4 sets 12,(increase weight, then same weight)8,8,8

-Dumbell incline bench presses
4 sets 10,(increase weight, then same weight)8,8,8.

-Bent over rows
4 sets 10(same as DIBP),8,8,8.
-Chin ups
-Seated overhead press 4x10
-Close grip bench presses
-Dumbell curls

Tuesday and Friday

-Barbell Squat
4 sets: 12, (increase weight) 12, (increase weight) 10, (increase weight) 8.
-Romanian dead Lift
-Leg Press
4X15(more weight)12,more weight 10,10
-Standing calf raises 4X20
-Leg curl 4x12,+ weight 10,10,10
-Leg extension 4X10

wednesday and saturday: light cardio X30 min

eventhough I want to gain weight (Im obviously in a High Calorie Diet) I like to perform cardio (No one has ever die for spaghetti arms, right?).

Should I cut cardio?
What is your overall critique?
what about abs or core working?
Thanks for the answers

i think you have a good workout plan… sticking to the basics, basic set and rep beginner scheme… you did the right thing not to complicate on your workout, focus on your nutrition… i will relegate cardio to once or twice max a week during off days… but i will recommend you to see how your body responds every 2 to 3 weeks. if you are growing, stick with what ure doing, if not change plan, repeat 2 to 3 weeks and do the same… good luck bro… viva mexico cabrones (soy peruano pero molotov es la cagada)

I just wanted to add in something.
I know of a guy who has a similar program. This guy is a fucking beast for his age too. The thing about him is that he hates how guys in the gym just throw weights around. He highly believes in perfection of form and this is what he works on.

So instead of trying to get all the weight you can out there…make sure you keep working on proper form. I recently just found out how to get good form on the bench press, and jesus. With proper form its alot different with the amount of weight…but the gains are MUCH better.

So keep that in mind with all your lifts sir. Even though you may end up lifting less…the proper form will balance it enough to get the same amount of resistance…im sure.

I think your leg volume is a little high. I would definitly take out leg extension as they have been shown to create dangerous muscle imbalances around the knee. I guess leg press is fine if you are bodybuilding (which I assume you are?), but some people aren’t a very big fan of that exercise.

You definitly sound like you are off to a good start. One thing you might like to do is every 3 or 4 weeks or so is to drop your reps down way low and raise the reps a bit (like 5 sets of 5 or 8 sets of 3) and do heavier weights. A lot of times people see gains when they switch up the stimulus on the muscles. Shocking your system with some low-rep, high-weight work every now and then might help you grow even faster.

Keep up the good work and let us know what types of gains you make.