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Mass Bulking For The Sportsman


Hey lads,


Im quite the skinny dude, who is seeking to mass up a wee bit whilst not losing speed, flexiblity and agility. However i am only looking to work out for 2 days, as i have to fit my student life in and around this. i do to 2 MA's and am quite physically active in general such as street dancing and hindu society events.

Can some one help me fix up a programme that ensures that i dont overtrain, gain mass but stay quite trimmed? in regards to meat, i only eat chicken, fish and eggs (mostly the last two).

i know this sounds like a mouthful, but any positive feedback would be B-E-Autiful!


workout 3 days a week, the difference will be huge.look up rippetoe's


Or WS4SB 3 on www.defrancostraining.com

There is a speed training template as well as a two-day in-season template.